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June 14, 2016


Keenan Powell

My regiment is something like yours only yoga is first up, I read in the evening only but I listen to audible when I drive and when I ride my bike and the second half of the day is spent in my law office. For me, the key is a schedule. When the grind gets to me, I switch up the exercise, garden instead of bike etc but the AM writing, afternoon law office and nighttime reading are the structure. PS I disconnected the cable TV.

Debi Huff

Would that I were as disciplined as you are. That is what I need to do. Would you mind if I borrowed your schedule and tweaked it a bit to fit my life? Most of it is right on. Gotta stay off Facebook and e-mail!!! And gotta read more novels.
Debi Huff

Sally Schmidt

Just laughing here, thanks for the post to go with my morning coffee. Don't change that routine because as a reader I am very happy with the results. Seriously, just like losing weight comes down to less food/more exercise, productivity comes down to less faffing/more routine & scheduling.


I get so distracted by the internet I lose all productivity. I could learn a thing or two from you.

Diane Vallere

Literally stopped reading halfway to eat the only banana in my apartment.

Great post! I'm inspired.

Edith Maxwell

My routine is much the same, except I skip the hour of reading first thing, and I read two newspapers with my lunch instead of a novel. And I write three books a year, too. Nice thing is the obligatory fast walk is also a very fine plotting tool. The next scenes always reveal themselves!

Lisa Alber

Love this! You have my dream schedule. It's too bad I have a day job ... There's literally not enough hours right now to be as productive writing-wise as I'd like to be.

(I'm about to eat my banana for the day too--swear by them in the mornings. :-))

Catriona McPherson

Lisa, there's an alternative version that the scientist uses. He writes offline between 5 & 7 am and between 7 & 9 pm and keeps his eye on the pandas at work where distractions are inevitable anyway.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

OH, mine is so similar! Except newspapers instead of novels, in the morning at least. Lunch has novels.
And my trick is to set the timer on my cell phone for 33 (why not) minutes. And in that 33 minutes, I can do nothing but write. My favorite part is when I have been so immersed that when it dings I am surprised. and I just hit restart. it is fabulous.
Yes, it sounds childish. But I have to make a deal with my easily-distracted self.

Of course on my Channel 7 days ,it's different...

Bananas, huh? Hmm.


I think the faffing about is important, Catriona, because helps settle me into the "flow state" (as described by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi). The faffing about is part of the work ritual.

I do think I could use more bananas...

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