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July 04, 2016


Karen in Ohio

Hank, I did exactly the same thing when my kids would dig in about not wanting to move on from someplace: I'd very calmly say, as I walked away, "We're leaving, but that's okay, you stay here. I hope they take good care of you."

Worked like a charm, every time. And still works on my grandson.

Alice, it's good to see humans as flawed individuals, well done. When I hear criticism of one thing someone has done in an otherwise exemplary life, I also look at football players and other celebrities (like Cosby) who have committed actual crimes without repercussions. That's messed up.


Coffee every day from the dreaming phase to the last edit. But as the deadline looms and the post-its proliferate, I've been known to eat spoonfuls of peanut butter in place of meals.


It's so sad and frustrating when something like this happens, but great job turning it into a teachable moment. Me? I'm no so good at that. Maybe it's why I don't have any kids.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Finally! A moment to see these hilarious comments..

Thank you, Karen, so relieved I am not a nutty grandmother!

Oh, Catriona, what would be do without it? I don;t like to stir it, though, jot's so messy. But that;s the kind we always get..it's so delicious afterward.

Mark, after being with the grandchildren, PERFECT as they are, I am even more in awe of their parents. xoox

Hank Phillippi Ryan

ALice! Tell us more about this book!

Elaine Viets

Hi, Alice. I've been on panels with you at Malice Domestic, so I know you handled this with humor and grace. Maybe you could find an Olympic athlete as a role model.
Nevermind. Maybe the answer is athletes are good at sports, but are sinners like the rest of us.

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