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July 26, 2016


Cathy Adams

I appreciate most mysteries, except perhaps the ones where the violence seems gratuitous to me, but it's the humorous ones that I curl up with when my soul needs some soothing. They make me feel better about myself and the world in general; they're like good friends with whom I want to spend my time.

While he didn't write mysteries, the late Terry Pratchett is my gold standard for using humor in his work. This is especially true in his later work. The humor relied less on word play and gags and more on the characters and the human condition; it actually added depth to the stories because, when you get right down to it, we humans are kinda funny critters, even when we're in dire straits.

Lynn Evans

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly..." - Arthur Carlson

Avis Crane

I was in that master class, and it was great! The key thing I took away was that key plot points can't rely on getting the joke - the reader who doesn't get the humor still needs a way to understand the plot.

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