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July 25, 2016


Hank Phillippi Ryan

45,000 animals! The idea that there were that many in the first place, sigh...

I found my Lola (actually, she found me..) at the Atlanta Humane society. We were best friends for 20 years.

Agreed, Charlaine, many love stories began that weekend!

Charlaine Harris

Was this not the best idea EVER? Kudos to the people at NBC Universal, which includes many stations, for coming up with this great, and humane, program.

Susan Neace

When our 17 year old dog (who had been thrown away 16 years before near the TN/KY border) we decided 3 rescued cats were enough and we would not get another dog. That was before we went hiking in the Shawnee National Forest in IL and found a pitiful scrap of nasty flea and tick infested dog. With no shelter nearby we took her to our vet, cutting short our mini vacation. Once washed, fumigated and what hair that didn't fall out was shaved she has turned out to be a mixed breed mostly Pomeranian whose full coat is a beautiful red. Her name is Swamp Fox

Charlaine Harris

That's truly a happy ending for all of you.

Storyteller Mary

I just read in the vet. column in the paper that there are efforts to recruit service dogs from shelters, often more adaptable and capable of helping.

Charlaine Harris

That's true. There are some breeds that are more appropriate than others, and a mix including that breed is often very successful at the work.

Elaine Viets

That is good news, Charlaine. So many pets with forever homes. You've made my day.

Charlaine Harris

I sure wanted to hear some good news. And I got it.

Wanda M

Finally some happy news! I got my two cats from a sailor being transferred to Italy. I sent him pictures every couple of weeks so he would know they were ok until he left. He really missed them, he had them from kitten stage and his house felt so empty after they were gone. Now my house isn't empty anymore and I am easy to train. HA!

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