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July 04, 2016



Some reflection on how we became a place of opportunity just as you said, "hard work and determination" is necessary to understand how this holiday evolved. Well said on all points, especially I believe that we seem not to be moving forward.

Elaine Viets

Agreed, Charlaine. Fourth of July is a good time to take stock of our country's accomplishments. We have achieved so much, but what's missing now is unity -- we're the UNITED states, and we fought a civil war for that.

Charlaine Harris

I agree, Cath and Elaine. We had such a great start; but now our progress seems mired down in partisan politics.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

My thirteen year old grandson read the Declaration of Independence out loud to us at breakfast this morning.

In years past, I've been the reader. This is the first year he wanted to. xoxoo

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