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July 27, 2016


Susan Neace

Your experience seems to be more terrifying than dying. How did you survive the despair of recovery or not? I saw Gabby Gifford last night on tv. I was amazed at how far she has come but I don't know if I would have the courage to face it

Elaine Viets

Sure you would, Susan. My brain surgeon had no doubt that I would recover, and I was able to rely on his confidence. Recovery is possible with the help of your friends, family and the good medical personnel.

Kay Hudson

I'm so happy for your recovery, and for all the books you've continued to write. I just pre-ordered Brain Storm (but I love Helen and Josie!).

Elaine Viets

Thanks, Kay. I have another Helen adventure coming up in "Blood on the Bayou," an anthology that will benefit New Orleans.

Charlaine Harris

I prayed for you and stand ready to do so again . . . but I hope I never have to. I admire you intensely for your courage, Elaine. I am too serious, here. Donald Trump! How's that for changing the mood?

Elaine Viets

Shriek! I hope there's a cure for those DT's, Charlaine. Mood definitely changed. I'm too scared to come out from under the bed.

Marcia Talley

Great advice, Elaine! When I was recovering from breast cancer surgery, the church ladies organizers 6 weeks of home cooked dinners delivered to my door every day around 5. As I neared the end of that time, I was feeling pretty good and was almost embarrassed to answer the door! Wondered if I shouldn't at least LOOK sick! But with 2 school-age daughter's and a husband who worked until 9 each night, those dinners were a God-send.

Alan Portman

My old store delivered to two hospitals. We took food to patient rooms every night. But, it is up to you and your family to know if pizza is good for you. If you order it, I will bring it.

One of the hospitals is a baby factory. They deliver more than 300 babies a month. For us that meant 300 totally healthy, happy customers.

Some of the easiest money ever. Deliver to someone who has been a grandfather for about 15 minutes.

Elaine Viets

Definitely a God-send from the church ladies, Marcia. And they must have been thrilled to see you recovering as a result of their good work.

Elaine Viets

Good story, Alan. Now I see those new Grandpas holding the baby and dialing the phone.

Rita Quante

I have said 'I am so lucky to have you still' to someone I loved, but not 'you are lucky'. You, Elaine, are an inspiration; because of your story I got over my own pity party quickly and got on with taking care of life; you are truly one of my favorite people and, of course, authors; but you are one of my heroes too. You rocked it all the way, bless your heart!

Elaine Viets

Thanks, Rita. I really appreciate your support as I strike out in a new direction.

Storyteller Mary

Good advice, books, flowers, cards, no balloons. My friend Lucy took your book to the hospital with her after her quick departure from that long-ago book signing and hugged it "like a teddy bear" and readed the same page over and over throughout her stay. Much love to you . . . counting down.

Gregg E. Brickman

Great blog & on target comments. You're the best.

Ellie Enos

Pam asked me to bring her bread rolls and butter when she was in the hospital. Cliff wanted pork chow mein. Rita brought my husband calamari from Macaroni Grill. Those little food gifts made staying in the hospital a touch easier for the patients.

My mother thought the balloon was an intruder in her hospital room. We had the nurse take it away.

Elaine Viets

I remember Lucy, Mary. Miss her and you.

Elaine Viets

Thanks, Gregg. As a nurse, you've been on the other side of this.

Elaine Viets

rolls and butter, pork chow main, calamari -- each in its own way is a form of comfort food. How kind of you to bring them all, Ellie.


Really good suggestions, Elaine. Thank you.

Elaine Viets

Glad you found them helpful.

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