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August 05, 2016


Kate Thornton

What a great story - and it brought back lots of fine memories, too.


I've visited the Grand Canyon a couple of times. It is beautiful!

jan Grape

It would take too long to tell all my stories but here's briefy, "Jan at the Canyon." First visit to South Rim was 1969 & fell in love. In 1970 we went to North Rim and fell more in love It's higher elevation, thereby cooler. Less commercial having only 400 visitors in the 6 mo it's open ompared to South 5-6 million visiors year round. We stayed in cabin on rim first visit. We stayed outside the gates first visit to North Rim. A few years later a South Rim, '84ish Elmer & I rode mules down to Phantom Ranch and spent the nightrdethe mlesbck up. Oh my sore legs & back. We also took a helicopter ride that visit which hovered close to Anastassi cave dweller ruins. Next visit to North Rim we stayed in cabin right on rim,and stayed a week. We met people who could not understand wanting to stay there a whole week. Next visit to North Rim we stayed in their campground. And for us the best was from May 15 to Oct 15 in 2004 we worked and lived at North Rim. I will always love North Rim the most and Elmer did too. I scattered some of his ashes there in 2009. Our best friends love the canyon as much as we did and esp. North Rim. She scattered some of Bill's ashes long with Elmers so guys who were friends in College are together. I hope some of my ashes will be added one day, too.


Jan, what an amazing story! What incredible GC adventures you and Elmer shared. You've given me the goal of experiencing the North Rim. Thanks so much for sharing this.


Thanks, Kate & Mark!

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