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September 08, 2016



What a wonderful tribute to your father. Thank you for sharing.

I knew about the connection with Meg's dad, so when you lost him, I felt like I'd lost someone, too, even though I'd never met him in real life. And I still think about him when reading one of your books.


Donna, what a wonderful article about your father--and Meg's. He sounds intelligent, delightful, and warm. And a war hero...my father and uncles would also never discuss their WWII experiences. Must have been part of that great generation.
Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Art Taylor

A great tribute here—and happy birthday thoughts on this milestone day. :-)


What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. Long may he live on in Meg's Dad. I will always think of him now when I read the books.

David Magayna

A loving tribute, Donna. Nicely done.

Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

I lost my dad to the same disease about the same time. And he, too, never discussed his war experience in the Pacific. A wonderful tribute.

Mary Saums

I always picture your Dad as Meg's Dad when reading. Love his George Sands line. :) He sounds like such a wonderful person.

Cath Hoffner

Beautiful writing about your Dad. Moving.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

This is so wonderful, Donna. Thank you!

Elaine Viets

A lovely tribute to a remarkable man, Donna. And you look so much like him.

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