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September 02, 2016


Mary Saums

Rosie/Kevin sure is lucky to have landed at your house! I'm glad she's getting more and more comfortable.

Our current cat is the only one we've ever brought home. All the previous ones just sauntered over and stayed. One exception though, years ago, our big male cat Holmes found a tiny little kitten, covered in dirt, grass and fleas, obviously dumped. He brought it home, carried it inside, put it on his rug. So that was his baby and he was its rescue hero daddy. :)

Susan Neace

When our last 16 year old throwaway dog died we weren't going to get another dog. However we went to hike in Shawnee Forest in Il on July 5 3 years ago and there was this nasty little dog with matted hair full of ticks and fleas in the parking lot at the trail head miles from anywhere. I cut a wastebasket full of dirty fur off her before we drove 2 hours to our vet. She is blind in one eye. She is very anxious if left alone but is amazingly well trained. She has no problem with cats. We named her Swamp Fox and she's a red pomeranian mix. My husband thinks she belonged to an older person who died leaving her with people who didn't want her


Mary, what a sweet story about Holmes and his baby. The stray cats know how to find good families!


Swamp Fox lucked out with you guys, Susan! How sad that people left her like that. I guess we all try to fill in their missing stories.

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