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November 11, 2016


Charlaine Harris

Chris, after a recent stay Kansas City, I was absolutely delighted when I got a questionnaire! I had marshaled my grievances and wanted to make them known. I figured I would never hear from them, but it simply made me feel better to let them know how they'd fallen short. I stay in a LOT of hotels a year, and I am always grateful for the good ones. To my surprise, after I sent in my form, I heard from the manager of the hotel immediately, and someone even higher up the management chain after that, apologizing profusely.
Now that's more like it! I just want someone to tell me they're sorry I had a bad experience, and they'll try to do better.

Cathy M

I happily gave a high rating to a small chain hotel I stayed in this year as the staff were all friendly and attentive - no phone browsers in the lot. I really wanted to give them all an attaboy even though I really hate surveys and in general give them a wide berth.


Charlaine, it sounds as if the upper management in that hotel cared how their guests were treated and wanted them to feel good about staying there. The difference was that I didn't hear from anyone, which told me, as I'd already concluded, that they didn't care.


Cathy, I agree. I also gave a shout out in my positive review to a new employee who went above and beyond for us. It's true that surveys do give us the opportunity to reward especially good service.

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