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December 13, 2016



Don't need to win, as I have the UK edition. But I loved this post. Happy launch day!

Dawn Malone

I have been a silent reader here for quite awhile but a chance for a new Dandy Gilver book? I had to come out of the shadows and comment. I love the titles - they are worth the work - and love the books.

Karen in Ohio

Your titles are the best! And I dearly love Dandy Gilver, too. Really looking forward to reading this one, Catriona. Happy book birth day!


Congrats on the new book! It would be the bee's knees if I won a copy.

Ann Marie Lenhart

I would love to win this book! I would cozy up under a pile of blankets, let the snow fall, and disappear into it.

Elaine Viets

LOL! Love your title, Catriona. adn I'd rather write the whole novel than come up with a title.

Marion Prickett

Happy to win but deliriously happy that there is a new Dandy Gilver out. Must check if it is available on Kindle - will also buy the print version in first ed as I love your books and their covers. Spiffing!


Love to read mysteries set in the Dandy Gilver era. Remember growing up with my aunts saying 'pocketbook' rather than purse or handbag. Congrats on the new book!

Laura DiSilverio

Titles are HARD! All the Dandy titles are delightful and evocative, so good on you and your editorial team.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Love this! Hurray...

((PRIME TIME started as TIME CODE. (sci-fi sounding, though, and it's not sci-fi)
Then it was STORY OF MY LIFE. Because she's on the trail of a big story) (but its not an autobiography...)))

Anyway! I adore your titles! And covers from both sides of the ocean.

Sally Schmidt

Why does my mind always go blank when I want to be clever? So I guess I'll have to stick with oyster, gimme a book. Just started this series, binge reading. Long plane ride coming, perfect.

Sally Schmidt

Oyster yoy yoy, I meant oy, not oyster.


Sally - I love that you were admitting to not being original until autocorrect helped out!

Ann Mason.

Happiest of launch days my dear.

greg herren

The trouble with titles! I'm the opposite, can't write if it's not got a title.

Robin Berry

Love all the insights to the publishing world. Looking forward to reading the newest in the series.

Ed Farren

I loved your post and would very much like to try your new book. You do manage to have the most colorful titles.

Sue Crane

Oops! How could I have missed these books. Must remedy ASAP!


Jgal - you have won the giveaway. Please email your address to catrionamcpherson@gmail.com and I will send a book to you. Congrats!

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