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December 21, 2016


Art Taylor

Such a fun post!

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really nice

Elaine Viets

Thanks, Art. You can see Doris Ann put in hours of couch surfing for this blog.

Elaine Viets

Thank you, Makar.

Dean James

Thanks, Doris Ann! Such a fun and entertaining post.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

You are endlessly wonderful! Thank you for this holiday post… What a treat to read!

Sally Schmidt

What a fun post. Thanks for a laugh first thing this morning before I tackle that never-ending to do list!I

Odd enough to see Roger Moore in A Princess for Christmas, but almost impossible to believe that hiding under all that princeliness is Jamie from Outlander. He still made me swoon eventually ;-).

Elaine Viets

OMG. Who knew, Sally. Thanks for pointing that out.

Marcia Talley

What a fun trip down memory lane!!! Thanks, Doris Ann.

Doris Ann Norris, the 2000-year-old librarian

The joys of Christmas. Angels (Cary Grant, Peter Falk, Doris Roberts, etc), Ghosts of all "ages" and idealized small town life. Not to mention the not so subtle message that the most successful women can only be fulfilled by a husband and children.
Thanks to all of you, especially Elaine. And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Rebecca Roxburgh Butler

Yes, fun, but...as someone still absorbing The Writer's Advantage Checklist (and juggling three or so quintessential texts), I am filing these excellent Traits of Santa in my Characters folder. And then there's "Bad Santa." Love it or leave it, just be able to defend it.

Elaine Viets

I kinda like "Bad Santa," Rebecca. No way to defend it. I just do.

Coco Ihle

Delightful post, Doris Ann! You and I have watched the same movies. I saw the same ones Dean did, too! Heck, I've watched them all! I LOVE Christmas movies!

Elaine Viets

'Tis the season, Coco. Indulge! Movies can be nourishing and have no calories.

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