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January 04, 2017


Marcia Talley

This is so true! Also how you can tell a guy is having an affair! We once had a neighbor who always dressed in sweats and was way overweight. He suddenly went on a diet/exercise craze, starting dressing snazzily ... a strange car kept showing up in his driveway and eventually we caught sight of the girlfriend, confirming our suspicions.

Alan P.

What Marcia said!

I know several recently divorced men who all of a sudden have lost the dingy shirts they have worn since college along with a few pounds.

For that matter, I know a few getting divorced women who are now getting slimmer and have lost the baggy shirts at work look.

Alan P.

But I do the laundry in our house. No one brushes my hat but me. But I did realize that I have shirts older than my children so it might be time for them to go.

Elaine Viets

Aha! The old sudden urge to diet. You've nailed it, Marcia. Philandering men might as well take out an ad in the paper announcing, "I am having an affair."

Elaine Viets

So right, Alan. Adultery is an equal-opportunity activity.

Elaine Viets

Any chance you can pass those shirts off as "vintage," Alan?

Storyteller Mary

This could be an addendum to the '70s feminist essay "Why I Need a Wife." Actually, my ex was raised by his mother to be competent in household duties, because she wanted her "future daughters to thank" her. When his dad said, "You should have Mary fix that button for you," Jan said, "I can sew my own buttons!" Still, someone (or some robot) to oversee wardrobe would be quite helpful. ;-)

Elaine Viets

We all need wives, Mary, but what we're really saying is, "I need a servant," which is way different. Don, like Alan, does the laundry, and bless those men who do.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

When Jonathan and I became an item, I saw in this closet an entire collection of clothing I dubbed "The Southwestern Collection." It has, ahem, left the building.
I love him very much, and that was one of the early proofs.

Elaine Viets

That is true love, Hank.

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