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February 28, 2017


Hank Phillippi Ryan

SUCH fun to read this! And I love how we all wound up in exactly the same place. The universe is pretty fascinating..

Can't wait to hear the answers!

Ann Mason

What a treat to find two old friends and one new (I hope)

Question for Catriona: Is "sook" pronounced the same way as bewk?

I have lived and worked all over the country, from California to upstate NY, including Oklahoma City when the Murrah Building was bombed and Dallas when Kennedy was shot. But my favorite place of all time is San Francisco. Coast sans mosquitoes, what's not to love. I adore living on the shores of Gitche Gumee I mean Lake Ontario, like living on the ocean but with lots of snow, always a treat.

However, if I had to choose one place for the rest of my life, it would be Paris, in that little apartment we rent in the 7th, just off the rue Cler. Actually I'd want both apartments so I'd have room for you to come visit for a month or so. I shop in the market firt thing every morning, bringing home fresh French eggs and croissants and demi-baguettes and make lovely omelets for your breakfast.

Ann Mason

Feel free to proof read and correct the above. d'oh


I've lived in CA all my life. I was born in Crescent City, just south of the Oregon border on the coast. When we were two, we moved to Santa Rosa, where my parents still live. (Catriona, you probably drive through it on your way to Bodega Bay.) When I was twenty, I moved to Southern CA to go to college and I never left.

Best thing about where I live: The mild winters. We don't get snow (yeah!!!) This year, we've gotten rain, which is good. And it never gets too cold because I freeze easily. And I love our hot summers. Granted, I enjoy the AC during summer, but I'd much rather it be 100 out than 30. There are only so many layers you can put on to try to stay warm.

Worst? Traffic. Not being closer to the beach is a good answer, but traffic is the worst by far.

Laura DiSilverio

Do we all get to come stay with you in Paris, Ann? It sounds delightful. How about if we bring the croissants and wine?

There's a lot to be said for having that kind of history and continuity in a community, Mark. Growing up in the military and moving so often, I have no sense of "home" apart from where I now live, and I have no friends who pre-date college. I think that's a significant loss.

Ritter Ames

Love this post! Thanks y'all for sharing (and I think the difference between TX "y'all" and GA ones are how long the vowel is carried :)

catriona mcpherson

Hm, Paris is in the lead so far! (If everyone stopped smoking, I'd be tempted too).

Laura DiSilverio

Thanks for the clarification, Ritter. Y'aaaall have a good day now, y'hear?

I'm not tempted to live in Paris long-term, Catriona. Sign me up for London, if we're picking European destinations and money is no object.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yes, the money is no object element is front and center, definitely. And instant language--because wouldn't it be fun to live in Paris and speak French perfectly?

Laura, I will come visit you in London!

Mark, I have NEVER seen traffic like CA. ANd I live in Boston!


I need to put in a word for Edinburgh, in the list of European cities, I think.

Laura DiSilverio

We'll be in both London and Edinburgh in late spring. Can't wait!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, so wonderful! I'll be...in Boston....

Laura! Congratulations on your daughter's play! You'll blog about it, right??

Karen in Ohio

Since I've lived all my life in southwestern Ohio, the worst thing is realizing it's a pretty well perfect place to live. Centrally located, very green, lots to do, and a nicely varied climate. We are looking to move out of the home we raised our children in and lived for the last 32 years, and there really is no place I can think of I'd rather live.

However, if there was some kind of cosmic shift and money was no object? Possibly the French countryside in Normandy. Or Provence.

Laura DiSilverio

Have you been to Normandy and Provence, Karen? I've never been outside Paris when visiting France. Since we just sold the French language rights to my Incubation trilogy to a French publisher, maybe I'll get to see more of the country! I could deduct a book tour from my taxes.

Elaine Viets

Enjoyed this post and the information about all of you. Terrific idea.

Karen in Ohio

Laura, I have been to Normandy. It's glorious, especially south of Rouen. We stayed near one of the most medieval cities in Europe, where there is still a mostly intact town wall, Domfront. The bed and breakfast was on a spectacular estate outside of town, quite beautiful, called Belle Vallee.

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