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February 14, 2017


Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

Agreed. Domestic bliss, stolen peaches, and a snake named Cuthbert.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Love them so madly! And it makes me proud to be named Harriet…
I have a huge crush on Peter, and always have. And Morse, too.
( Jonathan and I dressed as Peter and Harriet for Crime bake one year, and it was lovely… )

I'm also very fond of Nick and Nora!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

And why is it that you can absolutely hear the accents in the printed word?

Laura DiSilverio

What a great post, Catriona. I've only read a couple of these books, but you've given me a new appreciation for them. I need to read more.


I'm going to have to get at my unread Sayers books. I've only read Strong Poison of the Harriet books. Tsk. I know. Until you prove me wrong, I vote for Nick and Nora from The Thin Man. Nick and Nora forever.

James W. Ziskin

Have always loved Lord Peter and Harriet Vane.

Coco Ihle

Ahh, food for thought, Catriona. I've always liked Nick and Nora, but perhaps I'll re-think. Thanks for a terrific post.


I will always have a crush on Lord Peter. Enough said.

Leslie Karst

I've been in love with both Lord Peter and Harriet Vane since I was sixteen. And his series of marriage proposals has always reminded me of the P.D. Eastman book, GO DOG GO, where the boy dog asks the girl dog over and over again, "Do you like my hat?" She consistently answers, "No, I do not like that hat"--until the very romantic end.

Ritter Ames

Agreed, and a terrific post! I used to write reviews for the local newspaper and one of the first I reviewed was wonderful volume of her letters. I was already a Lord Peter and Harriet fan, but that wonderful treasure trove of written correspondence by Sayers told me so much more. Made me an even bigger fan after reading :) And yes, there was info relating to romance elements in the broad spectrum of the volume's information too.

Ann Mason.

We were talking about Lord Peter, Harriet, and DLS at dinner last night. I was asked if I knew anything about the latter's illegitimate child. I don't. Off to google this. Do you know? Silly question. Of course you do. HVD. Xox

Triss Stein

The moment in Gaudy Night (very roughly quoted from memory here and better in the original!) when Peter admires a Bach concert and Harriet asks what he means and he says, "Only that I like my music counterpoint. And if you think I mean more, then you know what I mean." Ahhh. The whole point of the story. Lovely.

Edith Maxwell

What a lovely reminder of the best of Sayers, Catriona. Thank you. I haven't read that last collection - must remedy immediately!

Donna M Williams More

To me it is the scene before the concert, on the roof, looking out over Oxford. "I set out in a lordly manor to offer you heaven and earth. I find that all I have to give you is Oxford - which was yours already. Look! Go round about her and tell the towers thereof. It has been my humble privilege to clean and polish your property and present her for your inspection on a silver salver. Enter into your heritage and do not, as is said in another connection, be afraid with any amazement"

Acknowledges his mistakes, their equality, that while he has helped her she has no need of him. Whichever choice she makes she can do so without fear. True romance needs the love that comes with the underpinnings of reality. Can't count the number of times I've read Gaudy Night - the first time I had been married 8 months and was 7 months pregnant, starting on a new career. I alternately tear up or cheer each time I read that passage. 34 years into the marriage.

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