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February 20, 2017


Ellie Enos

My favorite is an F-117A Stealth Fighter Mug that my husband received from the company he worked for. The plane is dark, but it fades out when you pour hot liquid in it.

After my husband retired from the Air Force, he worked another 20+ years on the EW Range at NAS Fallon, NV.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, I never thought about that! But the proper mug is so important! Although mine is filled with coffee… Until my last drink at night, which is chamomile tea.
( so funny… When I am writing, I don't care if my coffee gets cold, either!)
I have a mug that I got at Nora Roberts Inn when I signed with her. I use that a lot, because I am thinking some of her magic will rub off on me if I use that mug. Still working on that…
Ellie! I love the disappearing and appearing plane!

Laura DiSilverio

Ellie--The stealth plane that disappears--that is so clever. I have a friend who flew those when they were the deepest, darkest, best kept Defense secret.

Hank--I want a mug from Nora Roberts! Of course the magic wears off.


I don't drink coffee or tea. Yet I have quite a few mugs I love. I use them for water at work and juice here at home. Over half of my mugs are Disney related in some way, being the DisNerd I am. I've also got mugs from various vacations.

I've got some mugs that are on the small side, but I love the mugs that are large enough to hold enough water without being so large they look enormous.

Laura DiSilverio

Hi, Mark. Do you drink sodas or any other form of caffeine? If not, how do you get vertical in the morning? Enquiring minds want to know.

Disney mugs are great. My daughter's boyfriend gave her a Bambi one for Christmas and I use it when she's not looking.

Cathy M

My mug of choice now is a glass mug that lets the beautiful color of the tea shine through. My favorite mug of all time is a large hand thrown pottery mug in a cobalt blue glaze with a small dragon on the top of the handle. I don't use it every day, as my klutziness might be hazardous to its well being.

Deb Romano

How many mugs do I own? Oh, good grief! I've lost track! Last year I began reorganizing my cabinets and somehow couldn't find room to put all of them back when I was done, so they take turns sitting out on the counter. I seem to use the same three or four all the time. Right now my favorite is one given to me by my youngest sister for my birthday years ago. (I'm the oldest in the family.) I There's an image of a beaver whose teeth didn't make it out of the tree he bit into, and the saying "Getting old is no damn fun!"


I don't drink caffeine. Juice and water. I've never liked anything that has caffeine in it.

How do I get vertical in the morning? Some days, only knowing that if I don't get up, I will get fired. That's a pretty strong motivator.

Laura DiSilverio

Cathy--Those glass mugs are so pretty! It's like having a wine glass to admire the color of the wine, right?

Deb--We own way too many mugs, too. I had to weed some out because we just didn't have enough cabinet space.

Mark--Totally understand about fear of being fired being a motivator. Some days (not many, I admit), I could use a strong motivator like that to get me to my computer. As it is, I rely on tea and my love of writing.


I confess: I hate drinking from mugs. Because I loathe coffee and only drink hot tea when I'm sick. So if you see me raising a mug, I'm not a happy camper.

But I am glad to have a few mugs around for when I need them.

Laura DiSilverio

Donna--I will hope I never see you with a mug, then! Stay well.

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