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March 17, 2017


hank Phillippi Ryan

I so love this! And would adore to meet the twins. Tell us more about your book, too!

hank Phillippi Ryan

I am teaching a how-to-write-amystery class all day in a workshop series in Providence--and was invited by Ann Hood! Swoon. So I'll pop in here whenever I can... xxoxo

Deb Romano

Wendy, your boys sound so sweet. My dad had uncles who were identical twins. As a kid, I could tell them apart if I saw them separately, but on the few occasions when I saw them together, I had no idea which was Uncle A and which was Uncle B! They were very close their entire lives. As elderly men, they died six weeks apart.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

From the providence train station! DebRo, that is so fascinating! And I am not surprised. Did you see the documentary on recently… Where I forget, of course… About how twins who are raised far apart and separately are so similar? Not just in how they look, but in behavior and attitude.

Julie Mulhern

Wendy, how lucky your boys are to have you as a mother. Such a lovely story and important message. We are all unique and have our own stories to tell. <3

Wendy Tyson

Thank you for having me here today, Hank! I love the Femmes Fatales and was honored by your kind intro. BITTER HARVEST came out last week, and the third Greenhouse Mystery is due to be released November 14.

Deb and Hank--I hear so many stories about identical twins who stay connected, even when raised apart. Deb, it must have been interesting having identical twin uncles. While my twins do fight (constantly), they're incredibly attached to one another. They become very agitated if they don't immediately know where the other is, they will stick up for each other always, and whenever something happens their first thought is about their twin. I have an older son who is fiercely independent, and it's been fascinating to see the differences in world view and approach to life.

Hank, have fun teaching the workshop!

Marie F

I loved the way you describe the twerps (your pet name for the duo) They are indeed two independent and unique individuals and a joy to watch growing up Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I love to read anything you write and look forward to your next Greenhouse Mystery

Laura DiSilverio

What a lovely story and portrait of a wonderful family.

Wendy Tyson

Thank you, Julie, Marie, and Laura! Julie, I agree--everyone has their own voice, their own stories, that thing that makes them unique. It's not always easy to embrace that which makes us different, though, especially in a world where sameness is often over-valued.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

In between classes… I always learn something when I teach, don't you? And such a joy to have an attentive eager brilliant class.
Listen to this first line one of them wrote "Meg was having a garbage morning, and that was even before she melted her kitchen. "
Got to love it! You guys keep talking… I am off to class number two.

Celia Fowler

I am not a twin, but what wonderful insight into the world of identical twins. I love the picture of them sleeping and holding hands and the comment "You always know what twin I am." You are blessed with some wonderful boys!

Wendy Tyson

Thank you, Celia--that is one of my photos of the boys, Baby B with his doll and Baby A with his truck. They brought those toys everywhere, another way, I think, of telling the world they were individuals. Hank--LOVE it. That's a winner of a first line!

Sally Schmidt

What a great post, made me think. Not being a twin or knowing many twins didn't think about how they are treated, but didn't we all experience the "aren't you pretty, look how you've grown, do you have a boyfriend" when we were young and remember how uncomfortable that felt. My granddaughter has 4 young children (no twins) but people are always watching, watching, watching and feeling the need to comment. Baby A and Baby B sound like sweet young men, and how marvelous that you have encouraged them to be themselves. (Hi, Hank!)

Marla B

Such an insightful post. I've never really thought much about twins and how they have to work for their own identities. I don't know any twins personally, but I have a couple friends who have twins (I've never met their children). Now I'll have to ask about their own kids' identity struggles! [email protected]

Wendy Tyson

So true, Sally. I have become much more aware of how I speak to kids. Marla--I know several sets of identical twins who relish the similarities. Will be interesting to see what your friends' children think. Thanks to both of you!

hank Phillippi Ryan

Home! And so lovely to read all of your thoughtful comments. We'll pick a winner soon-and so delighted to see you all here today!

hank Phillippi Ryan

Thank you so much, Wendy! And love to the twins..xoxoo

Hank Phillippi Ryan

And the winner is Marla B! Marla I will email you -- but if you see this first, email me at hryan at whdh dot com.

Hurray! And Congratulations , Wendy!

Wendy Tyson

Congratulations, Marla! Thank you again for hosting me, Hank. It was so much fun chatting with everyone.


Thank you, Wendy. There's so much here.

Rowena Carenen

I always wanted to be a twin! My older sister used to tell people we were, but that I was "defective." Ah siblings.

Meredith Schorr

I loved this post. It's so true that twins are a novelty for what they are: twins. It's something I'd never really thought about since I'm not, nor do I have, twins. My best friend gave birth to twin girls last year and I love watching them grow into individuals with very distinct voices.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Rowena, that is hilarious! Terrible, but hilarious.

And yes, Meredith, it must be fascinating!

Wendy Tyson

Haha, Rowe--that is pretty funny. Thank you for posting, Gretchen, Rowe, and Meredith. Hank, the boys were so happy to be "stars" for a day. I love this site and was thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Same time next year--love to watch them grow! xoxo

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