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March 23, 2017


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Breathtaking, in every way, Marcia. And Shelley is astonishing. Thank you for this....and keep us posted..

Jeannette Williams

How awful that someone would even think to do something like that. You move to an Island to enjoy "Paradise" not bring "The Big City" with you. Pass some kind of law & evict them! I'm so sorry they did that to all of you.

Susan Woythaler

There are no words for this type of elitism....no regard for the natural inhabitants of that land....It is very sad, sad, indeed.
Maybe it is time for the Hopetown's Town Council to set up some "rules and regulations".....for future construction....unfortunately, these type of people are predators ...and just don't care about anything except for themselves. They, in a word, are imbeciles......IMHO

Elaine Viets

I am so sorry your lovely island was vandalized by those ugly Americans. How horrible!Fences? they should be required to restore the natural flora and fauna, no matter what the cost.

Meg Carey Born

Horrible. Lovely Hope Town from my childhood shouldn't be subject to these hedonists. Resist!

Marcia Talley

Sadly, Elaine, according to local plant experts, most of the flora and fauna that was ripped out is not available in local nurseries. The owner of the property now claims to be working with Abaco's "Friends of the Environment" to mitigate the destruction, but "mitigate" isn't "repair." And nothing will happen landscape-wise until construction is complete, and no building permit has been issued by the Council. Meanwhile, we have hurricane season to look forward to. A really bad blow like Floyd or Jean or Hugo could destroy the dune and actually separate the north end of our island from the south end. Much cause for concern.

Marcia Talley

Susan, that is so true. Too bad this man didn't hire an architect like Stephen Mouzon whose beautiful book, "A Living Tradition: Architecture of the Bahamas" gloriously illustrates how people who respect the Bahamian traditions can build homes that don’t need to be “engineered” into the environment.

Uncle Dave

Where was the Council while all this was going on Jeremy?

Stephen Albury

They should be required to restore it to it's natural state and then seek a building permit if that is what they wish to do!
Disgusting rape of nature!

Cath Hoffner

Separate the the ends of the island? Causing even more distress for those who have been there long before these people who have bought the tract of land. I'm sure the Council will have their hands full if that happens. Are there no consequences for these people for their actions?

Becke (Martin) Davis

If they can do what they want on their own lands, then they can take responsibility for their horrendous actions. I know they say "Good fences make good neighbors" but this is not a good fence and it is clear these pissants are good neighbors to no one. A pox on those destroyers of all that natural beauty! May rats, crabs and pigeons infest their new home.

Donna M Williams More

I visited your area when I was ten - 50 miles away at Little Abaco. The memory of the beauty has stayed vivid for 45 years now. My heart hurts.

Valerie Healy.

My husband and I fell in love with Hope Town for its simplicity. It's Bahamian 'feel'. We could easily go back to the garishness of Florida but we do not like the flashness- the huge tasteless mansions that scream 'look at me and my money'.
We like simple pleasures-walking on the beach..finding delight in a piece of sea glass...swimming in that blue, blue water...the winding twisting walk up to the North End..
I feel for all of you that the tentacles of that other kind of life are invading your beautiful island.
And these people are coming to enjoy the very simplicity we all enjoy - but with the baggage of their other life that they so embarrassingly feel they need to have to feel validated.

They should hang their heads in shame.

Shelly, that was wonderfully composed Well done.
And Marcia thank you for posting this. More people need to read about this.
And to the person who had the courage to write on the fence..I applaud you.

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