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March 20, 2017


Charlaine Harris

I shelved my shoes according to color. It was a big surprise, especially to me. I also threw away all the extra packets of ketchup, soy sauce, tartar sauce, and honey mustard that had been lingering in our do-dad drawer. My hands did this pretty much independently of myself.

Laura DiSilverio

Amazing what our hands can accomplish when unencumbered by our brains! :-)


It's actually fully you'd say that it feels like spring for you. I'm sitting here in So Cal looking at gray skies and the prediction of rain. After weather in the upper 80's for the last week and a half, we are back to winter for the next week.

A sure sign of spring? I can go for a run after work and it's light out. I love Daylight Saving Time!

Laura DiSilverio

Sorry about your dreary weather, Mark. I have to say I hate DST! I'd much rather it be light in the morning, when I walk the dog, than in the evening. My fave time of day is sunrise or shortly thereafter, listening to the birds, walking when it's quiet. It totally screws up my schedule when I have to wait an extra hour to get out for my morning walk.

catriona mcpherson

Well, it's not "having to wait till 6.15" to do anything! Rocket (aka arugula) in the garden is the first sign, swiftly followed by purple sprouting broccoli and the fruit gap between the oranges and the cherries.

(It used to be daffodils.)

Elaine Viets

Spring is the sneezin' season here in Florida, too. The time change (which I don't like) and hordes of drunken college students are other signs of spring in Fort Lauderdale, also known as Fort Liquordale.

Laura DiSilverio

Drunken college students--yay, spring!

Sounds like you've got a great garden, Catriona. I do flowers on the deck and keep up with the lawn and perennials, but I don't plant much in the way of edibles (just some herbs).

Hank Phillippi Ryan

My goodness, I am a day behind! I thought today was Tuesday… Oh well, I guess that is spring fever.

Charlaine, you convinced me, I am going to throw away all those little packets. It always just seems like we might need them…

Of course my sign of spring is that the ducks arrive in our backyard… But there is still ice on the pool, so they are staying away. Crossing fingers that they show up soon… Then spring will really be here.

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