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March 07, 2017



Too many choices! That would definitely happen to me as well. Now, the question is, which color white are you going to use?

Art Taylor

Ha! Loved this! It's been a while since we had to choose paint, but I'd forgotten about the crazy names--and the maddeningly slight differences in color sometimes..... Hang in there!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Toni! And everyone. Drop everything and watch this. Seriously.


Toni LP Kelner

Mark: AAAAAAA! But actually Bright White for the trim. Ceiling White for the ceiling.

Art: I was also amused by the competing brands. One had Rain Slicker yellow and one had Rain Coat yellow.

Hank: I love that. I'd seen it ages ago but totally forgot about it. Perfect!

Elaine Viets

Our living room is Seafoam Green, which sounds lovely. Until you live by the sea and realize "sea foam" is that sticky stuff that coats your windows. Makes a nice paint chip, though.
Hilarious blog.

Jane Hotchkiss

Framboise is raspberry.

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