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April 24, 2017


Lasscer HIll

Donna, thanks so much for having me on today! I think it's important to remind everyone that when things get a bit sketchy for you, you are not alone in that ocean!

Shari Randall

Hi Sasscer, I'm pulling for you to get contracts for many more Fia books. Your Travelers idea is also intriguing. I guess the trick is to just keep writing, right?

Lasscer HIll

Yes, Shari! My Mantra is "Stay strong and March on." Then I follow Fia McKee's mantra which is "Sit chilly and wait for an opening."

Linda Jane Ballou

The book publishing business might be even dirtier than the horse racing business.
There has to be reward beyond $$ to make writing worthwhile.

Lasscer HIll

Linda Ballou, the business is rich with non dollar rewards, like the time a reader wrote me and told me reading my book had gotten them through a really bad patch in their life! And those magic words, "I couldn't put it down!" But dollars are nice, and one does need enough money to buy food for the doggie!

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