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April 11, 2017


Art Taylor

Let me know if you decide to add "nonfunctional dry erase pens" back in.... I have plenty I can give you.

Karen in Ohio

Chocolates are good, but they tend to get eaten and forgotten.

After going to many book conferences, the things I've kept are bookmarks, of course, and small mouse pads, the very flat ones. They're great for taking on trips when the computer goes along. A little more expensive than a bookmark, though.

Laura DiSilverio

Such a funny post, Cynthia! So glad you decided not to give any of those items away. I stick with bookmarks. Perhaps you could give away gold stars? Keychains with the letters A,B,C,D and F for reviews posted on Amazon or Goodreads? Keychains or something else with Lila's college mascot attached? :-)

I love Lila! Keep on writing.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

SO funny! Reporter swag: broken pencils, ball points that don't work, notebooks with all the pages full. Used up AA batteries. Empty coffee cups. SO glamorous!

LOVE your book, though..xoxoo See you at Malice? We can go to the loot table together!

Cynthia Kuhn

Art, so kind of you! Grateful to have a resource. :)

Karen, that's a great suggestion! Much appreciated.

Those are most excellent ideas, Laura--thank you!

Ooh, the reporter list is terrific. Thank you, Hank, and YES to a Malice Loot Quest!

Cynthia Kuhn

Also...thank you so much for letting me visit today! (What a lovely introduction, Catriona!)

catriona mcpherson

Thank you for this great post, Cynthia. My favourite swag is still a bookmark. I leave them in read books marking favourite passages and so I go through them. But if anyone ever did post-it notes swag . . .

Liz Milliron

I'll see you a non-functioning dry erase marker and raise you a non-functioning wet erase marker. Remember those? I have one on my fridge you can have. LOL

Clea Simon

really fun post - thanks. I need some new ideas. Post-it notes, hmmmm


As much as that list made me laugh, I'm glad you decided against using any of that as promo.


Highlighters might be appropriate, Cynthia.

Also, what are the school colors? Not sure that has been mentioned in the books - Did I miss it? Forget? - but something using them would be clever.

Bookmarks will always be good - that's what I did for the blog as well. But gold star pins as mentioned above might be cute. Attached to an index card.

Karen in Ohio

Post-it notes are great! I still have some that came as swag (different industries) years ago, so they are good for advertisements.

Another one I thought about: Magnets. I can't bear to throw them away, so they tend to stick around. And they are not especially pricey to have made.

Ritter Ames

Anything related to 3M designed products makes me sit and say "Ooooooohhhhh." So, someday I hope to be successful enough to be able to give away Post-It or 3M pen/highlighter swag for my own books. But--hands down--the one item of swag I use nearly every day is a black cat jar opener that Kay Finch brought to Malice two years ago. It's just one of those thin black rubber jar openers (shaped like a sitting cat) to help give a grip when needed--and to keep her books in mind when I'm looking for new reads :)

Cynthia Kuhn

Catriona, I love bookmarks and post-it notes too! (And pens...oh how I love a new pen. Ridiculously much.)

Liz, wet-erase? HA! Nice. You are very generous to share.

Thank you, Clea. Would love to grab a ghost cat post-it!

Mark, that's good news. Appreciate the rejection confirmation! :)

Kristopher, those are all great ideas--thanks! The school colors are crimson and silver, and the mascot is the Silver Gryphon. *ponders*

Karen, nice--I hadn't thought of magnets. That's intriguing too.

Ritter, a black cat jar opener is so unique. So smart!

H. Harra

A pen that has a little flashlight in it; a rubber jar opener; a purse-size measuring tape; magnets; note or post-it pads -- I love all of these. My all time fav is an insulated lunch tote with the series logo and title on it that I use daily. People ask about it and I enjoy telling them about the books.

Cynthia Kuhn

Ooh, those are great! Thanks, H.

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