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April 10, 2017


Dean James

The two times I've been in a so-called "Genius" Bar (and how revoltingly pretentious is that name?) I've been treated well, but I wasn't there to solve a problem, simply to purchase. I have to say, however, that I've not been overly impressed with the staying power of Apple products, never having had one to last longer than 3 years. Whereas my Dell desktop is 10 years old and still doing well.


I'm with you, Donna. Love my iPhone, but I'll stick to my Dell laptop.

Karen in Ohio

One of the drawbacks of being a woman of a certain age is that the young whippersnappers who work at these stores tend to make certain, inaccurate assumptions.

I've never owned any Mac products but a couple of iPods (which I did not buy at the Apple store, Donna). However, I've used DOS/Windows PCs, laptops and tablets since 1983. Which was well before some of said whippersnaps were born, whether they work for Apple or whomever. And I don't take kindly to the nonsense they give me. I'm betting none of them could have even turned on a computer, back when you had to type the DOS commands, before the graphical user interface was invented.

Cathy M

I've only used computers running Windows - Dell, Toshiba, HP, Compaq and have never had any Apple phone or mp3 players, so I've not had any experience with "Genius Bars." But it doesn't sound like a "genius" business move to be unhelpful and condescending to people who come to you for information on a product you just might buy. Perhaps these folks need a bit of Business 101 before they're turned loose on the public.

Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

how do you edit photos? I used Picasa until our desktop died and am struggling with the "editing" software on the new one. Simple stuff: cropping, red eye, light/dark, shadows.


I have never had anything but stellar service from the Apple Store and the one time they really screwed up, Corporate called me to apologize. I wouldn't have anything other than a Mac and I used to build PCs.

Karen Salemi

I think that there are sophisticated Mac users, like my husband, who complicate their lives through maximal use of the tech and end up spending quite a bit of time getting things set up. Whereas I bought my Macbook Pro and do pretty much the same stuff that I did on my Dell laptop. But, I have never had to have my Mac wiped unlike the annual requirement with my Dell because it slowed down to a snail's crawl after a year of regular use. And I have only gotten the blue screen of death a handful of times in 5 years, whereas with the Dell it was at least a weekly event. So, I think the sophisticated user is attracted to Macs, but Macs are actually much easier to use, and perform better than any other PC I've owned. I've never needed the genius bar because I have my genius husband running tech support.


Karen, I don't suppose you'd lend Ray out?

I think my friend's problem arises from the fact that she's an intermediate user--her requirements are more specific than the basic user, but she has neither the time nor the inclination to teach herself how to be a Mac technician. So she goes to the Genius Bar. Here in the DC area--and I expect in most urban areas where the Apple Store has multiple locations--the customers have way more ability to vote with their feet, and a store whose staff are rude and unhelpful will find itself having to explain why it's losing business to the other nearby locations. But in the Rochester, NY area, there's just one. The next nearest are in Buffalo and Syracuse. In a perfect world, this wouldn't make any difference in the quality of their customer service, but . . .

I've suggested that she find someplace that's both closer and nicer than the Apple Store, and she's looking.

Alistair Kimble

I've never had to use the Genius Bar, and I likely wouldn't because of the name and that I highly doubt they'd actually no any more than I would.

But on the reliability side of Apple products: my wife and I have had the same iMacs since 2007 and 2008 and they've had no issues at all. And I'm typing this on a MacBook Pro I've had since 2010.

I also still use an iPod Nano I've had since 2006 and an iPod Touch I've had since 2009.

In the 90s and early 00s I used to build my own PCs, but now I refuse to go back to a Windows based machine.


The first mistake was not calling AppleCare first. AppleCare could have solved this issue with minimal hassle. AppleCare has been #1 in Customer Service for over 17 years.

Macs are better made and more durable, and they are not prone to viruses like PCs are. Don't let ONE experience someone else had cloud your judgement.

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