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April 25, 2017


Laura DiSilverio

Thanks to all of you for the very entertaining chinwag. I think I could identify a Dick Francis novel (the books written before he died--the self-reliant, smarter than you expect him to be hero and, of course, the horses. I could also ID a Georgette Heyer book but that may be because I have them all memorized. Maybe Bob Crais? That's a fun question.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yeah, I've been thinking about it ever since. And i's such an elusive quality, capturing a personal writing voice.

But we certainly do know when it's not there.

Laura DiSilverio

BTW, Catriona, I think it's a hoot that the celeb you picture being seated beside is Noam Chomsky. Your linguist is showing!

catriona mcpherson

That's a good point, Laura. And KR shows my age - because it's not one of the Ryans.

Laura DiSilverio

If we're choosing Ryans, I'll take Ryan Gosling, please.

Triss Stein

Catriona, thanks for inviting everyone to your space here. Such interesting answers!

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