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April 07, 2017


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, I love this! Thank you. And yes, of course…for Instance, there is a time for everything.

Dean James

Thanks for timely advice, Kris, as I am working on a new book. What has my yard taught me? To stay inside while someone else mows the lawn...

catriona mcpherson

I'm preparing a class on letting story-telling work its magic and I've been clawing for a metaphor for this one particular bad habit I want to cover. THANK YOU! Garden membrane that seals off the subsoil from the elements! Gawd Amighty, when we moved in here the whole garden was covered in the stuff. There wasn't a worm alive anywhere and the soil was grey and dead. 46 pick-up trucks of municipal compost and 5 pick-up trucks of removed membrane later . . . our soil is like crumbled chocolate cake. Full of worms (and weeds) and alive!

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