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June 07, 2017


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Julie! Congratulations! And yes, when it sounds right, you know it. That is such magic.

Tell us a bit about BURNED!


Julie, congrats! I'm always fascinated by the different ways everyone has to bring a book to life. Lots of luck with it. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Charlaine Harris

It's the most rewarding work, isn't it? Congratulations, my friend, and best of luck.

julie herman


Sophie would be the happiest girl in the world if she could spend every day hanging out with her friends Yasmine and Tanner, and riding her beloved horse, Cricket. But she stands to lose all of that and more when her mom is accused of theft and arson. As the evidence piles up and friends turn away, Sophie scrambles to clear her mother's name--and soon finds herself in the middle of a hot mess.

I started off with the problem being that Sophie's mom couldn't afford to lease Cricket any more and Sophie had to come up with a way to raise the $200 a month to keep her horse in her life. Editor after editor told me that problem wasn't 1) big enough and 2) the solution - Sophie raising $200 a month -- wasn't believable.

They clearly don't know horse kids. Losing the ability to ride is the biggest problem in the entire universe for a horse-mad child. Finagling ways to make riding happen, even raising $$, are things any horse kid can do.

Still, I wanted to sell the book, so i went home and burned down the barn. Literarily of course. ;)

Had a Pony Club mom e-mail me yesterday that her child was bugging her for a plane ticket to Texas so she could meet me. Best Fan Letter Ever!

I wish I could claim original Femmes Status, but I was a second wave member. Megan picked eight of her favorite writers and crafted a newsletter around them. Originals still here are Toni L. P Kelner and Charlaine. I miss those other ladies and their work!

julie herman

Thanks, Kris and Charlaine! It is so good to be back on the horse, so to speak!

Elaine Viets

Congratulations, Julie! You worked hard to please your target audience. Here's to "Burned" racing off the shelves.


Congrats on the new book. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Dean James

Oops... I would have sworn you were in the first group. Oh, well, this won't be the only time today I get something wrong... :-)

julie herman

Thanks, Elaine and Mark. I sure hope that children find it and enjoy the story.

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