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July 31, 2017



Can't wait to read the new book!

Shari Randall

Can't wait for the new books! BTW, my husband has me hooked on a new History Channel blacksmith competition show, Forged in Fire. I think of Meg every time I watch. https://www.facebook.com/forgedinfireofficial/

Kim Rigazzi

I really enjoy your books and I think the basis of the charm is watching Meg, and then Michael, deal with the zaniness that surrounds Meg's family. You write them in such a relatable manner, that as a reader, I find myself drawn to their situations and comparing their family with mine -- although, thankfully, their family always wins :-) Can't wait to read _Gone Gull_ tomorrow!

Cathy M

I'm a long time fan of the Langslow/Waterston clan and have enjoyed following the development of the family. I'm a fan of ebooks and audiobooks because I can take entire collections with me when I travel. And there's nothing like a good book read by a talented artist like Bernadette Dunne to take your mind off housework drudgery. Thanks for providing hours of enjoyment reading and listening to your books.

Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

Extreme croquet, Uncle Horace's moth eaten gorilla suit, and the Shiffley family. And Spike. Can't wait to read Gone Gull.

Deanne Edwards

I have this pre ordered. Can't wait until it arrives!

Jana Leah

I love audiobooks! Listening to the audiobook version of Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon is how I was introduced to Meg, Michael, & their funny family. I also love all the non-relatives. Chief Burke, Minerva, Robin, the Shiffleys, to name a few.

Peggy Barry

Can't wait to get my book tomorrow. I'm an audio book fan too. Thank you for continuing to write books on Meg and her family.

hank Phillippi Ryan

HOW do you keep coming up with those hilarious titles? You are amazing!


I find I'm buying the audio MP3 version so I can listen on my phone. I would love to have CD,s never thought of getting them that way.


It was an audio book (Duck the Halls) that introduced me to your books. I then read ALL of them in record time. Can't wait for the new ones - I've missed Meg and crew.

Kristina Lindberg

I enjoy listening to the Meg Langslow mysteries on audio books, especially during long trips. The humor really makes trips easier.

Christi King

I have Gone Gull reserved at my local library. I can't wait to read it. I'm a long-time fan of Meg and Michael and of Meg's family!


Love seeing Gone Gull on my kindle this morning.

Carol B

I'm looking forward to GONE GULL at some point, hopefully, the near future. It would be great to have an audio version to listen to while maybe actually getting some housework done!

Rebecca A

I am enjoying the recordings Bernadette Dunne made of No Nest for the Wicket, The Penguins who Knew Too Much and Owl's Well that ends well. I'm glad you are having these older books recorded. And I hope that will continue.

Mo Heedles

I always look forward to another Meg book. This one was waiting for me on my Kindle this morning. Thanks in advance for the fun read.

Marilynn Wright

Just finished listening to Gulls. Loved it! Spike is a hero! What a fur ball! We are wondering if some of your books not currently on audio will be. Murder with Peacocks is still one of our favorites. Carry on!

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