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July 11, 2017


Dean James

Looking forward, as always, to reading the latest. Did you ever see the BBC version, with Nicol Williamson and Jane Lapotaire? She is the scariest Lady Macbeth I've ever seen. Haven't seen the Polanski version, and based on what you've said, I think I'll keep it that way...

Susan Fanning

I always have to order copies from UK Amazon. I don't like waiting over a year for them to show up in the US. Other authors' books are released simultaneously in both countries; why not Ms. McPherson's series?

Karlene Barger

I love Macbeth and would enjoy reading this book.


I've become fonder and fonder of Dandy and would be thrilled to get ahead in the series.


I've never seen a production of Macbeth. In fact, I've only seen a couple of Shakespeare's plays, and only one of them in person.

A one man production? That's impressive, although I can also image how tiring it would be.

Catherine Lawry

I would love to win this! I'm a newbie to the series but I love it so far.

Teresa Wilder

I SO want a copy!!!


Haven't read this series -yet, but it sounds like something I will like.


Keep me out of the drawing, but I just wanted to say there was no way I wasn't ordering this from Book Depository immediately. My copy will soon be en-route.

Margie Bunting

Yes, it's frustrating how long we have to wait for the next entry in this entertaining series. I'd love to win a copy!

Pat Dupuy

I saw that Polanski MacBeth too. Yeesh. Cindy's MacDeath is hilarious, as is all her mishmash plays/musicals. I have to agree: Dandy would want to slap someone or several someones at the end of Romeo and Juliet.

catriona mcpherson

Susan and Margie - from your flying fingers to my US publisher's eyeballs!

Pat - Yeesh is the word!

Markt -the sex scene between M and Lady M with Alan Cumming playing both parts was notable - because he managed to make it serious, when the potential for farce was huge.

catriona mcpherson

Mark - sorry about that spurious "t". I like other people to have spare letters in their names too.

Elaine Viets

Congratulations, Catriona. Writing about the Scottish play sounds like fun. You do know the theatrical tradition that it's bad luck to mention the play's name? I did that once at a rehearsal (my husband was playing The Old Soldier in a production) and I was forced to go outside and turn around three times to undo the bad luck. I'm sure that doesn't hold for print. Break a leg -- in the Shakespearean sense -- and take those bows.

catriona mcpherson

Ealine, the version I know is that you shouldn't mention the play's name in a theatre, but it's ok otherwise. ?!

Kathy Reel

I think that this will be a very special Dandy! The title and cover are amazing.

Ruth Nixon

Love the UK covers and since I'm 82 I hate waiting for the US edition, wouldn't mind waiting if I didn't know a new Dandy book was out'

Candy Kennedy

Wow love theater based stories and this sounds so interesting.Thanks for chance.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

SO great! And SO eager to read it!


Catriona, with all my typos, believe me, getting upset of an errant T would be the last thing on my mind. :)

catriona mcpherson

Candy Kennedy, your number has been picked by random.org and so you are the winner! Please email your address to catrionamcpherson@gmail.com

catriona mcpherson

Everyone else - there is another giveaway tomorrow on Criminal Minds!

Ann E Mason

I am so looking forward to this Catriona. September for the US? Would it seem crass if I shouted PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME?

Sigh, I thought so. xox


I loved your research. MacBeth is exhausting. I am like Cindy Brown I have a background in Theater as well as History in my case. I have her book and I would love to read yours...thank you for the chance.
Marilyn ewatvess@yahoo.com

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