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July 05, 2017



I'm right with you on Number 2 and 3. The pages that are so full of ads that you only 1-2 paragraphs are a real annoyance.

Susan Neace

Ads situated in the text of an article so that if I want to continue reading I am almost guaranteed to go to the ad instead

Liz Milliron

I'm right there with you on #2.

I'd have to add auto-playing videos to the list. If I want to watch the video, I will!

Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

#4. I'm a reader. I learn information by reading, not by listening.

Congrats on your new book. Marvelous title.

Cindy Silberblatt

I agree with you on all, especially reading versus watching a video.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

So true about elaborate maze-like instructions to get a to a thing. Grr. We should remember that when it comes to plots. right?

Hank Phillippi Ryan

AND! When you click away from the article--and then there's no way to get back.


I hate those list posts that require flipping through the pages to see the list as well.

Not only is it annoying, but since I know that the "backend" reason for this is to elevate the number of views a website has, so I refuse to do it. I'll have to live without know which...whatever the list is for this time.

I've said for a long time that "number of views" is not the most useful metric for websites, since it can be manipulated in so many ways.

Ritter Ames

Agree, agree, agree, agree!

Number 2 is my #1 however, and adding to #3, I'd like to say I also despise the new Facebook comment notifications that when I click aren't PM from my friends, but rather the new daily PMs from FB to tell me how I can use various FB advertising to promo my posts and pages. Tying into that "how can I spend more money with FB" philosophy, I believe the new non-transcript videos in #4 are due to how every social media guru out there says to use video on your FB pages to increase your reach--since FB now seems to love videos. So, the lack of transcripts there (so you'll watch the darn things) translates into less transcripts in other places.

It looks like (in my humble opinion) it's an FB irritating trifecta. I just screen out the political stuff with Social Fixer, so I'm left with just the three. :)

Great post, Donna! Can't wait for the new book!

Maria Hudgins

I agree with everything you said. Did you mention those ads that pop up with no visible "off" button? If you wait a while, one does pop up, but why should I have to wait a while?
I'm getting better at scrolling real fast past the political posts on Facebook. I know who does them but my irritation falls short of hitting the unfriend button.


Another one: the teaser headlines that promise you will be told how to cure diabetes/overcome anything/save the world, only to get into a video that goes on forever, telling you over and over again that it is going to tell you this or going to tell you that, without ever actually telling you anything, and with no time-line at the bottom to tell you how much longer it will last. I get out of those pretty quickly.

Elaine Viets

Agree -- and I hate those click-bait sites that take forever to load. Grrrr.


Yes to #4, to the nth power.

Dru Ann Love

I agree with all four. And I still dislike that I can't see all the FB statuses of my friends.

Ellie Enos

If I am looking for a recipe or doing some research, I hate having that site tell me I have to turn off some of my protection so they can track my location or "use cookies".


I've quit clicking on any Facebook post that has "sponsored" in tiny letters under the sender's name.

The ploy that annoys me most is when a caption appears in letters so large that the final line does not fit into the picture: THE HEARTBREAKING REASON WHY SUSIE DISAPPEARED IS FINALLY [blocked by frame]...

Deb Romano

What Elaine said-yes!!!

As far as FB is concerned, I haven't been on it since last November, and that was the first time in a few months. It was taking up too much of my time; I had to sift through too many things to find out what was actually happening with friends and relatives. For now, I have no plans to go back to it. Maybe when I retire, but I have a feeling I'll be busy with other things.

Donna, I can't wait for your next book!



People who lull me in with a picture of their new book and a promise of a list of three things. Then they post a list of four things and it has nothing to do with their book.

Kidding, Donna. :) Honestly, this post is genius. (Ducking a running before I wind up the victim in your next book.)

Donna M Williams More

Definitely #4. I learn by reading. In college I had great difficulty with a couple of classes that did not follow a textbook. My vision is deteriorating and the thought of having to switch to audio books is frightening.

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