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August 08, 2017


Maureen Neathway

I was there, my very first book launch. I loved it. Catriona herself made my friend and I feel very welcome and relaxed, despite dripping Scottish summer rain everywhere. I have the booked, beautifully inscribed and personalised for me in pride of place and although desperate to read it after the fabulous insight provided by Catriona, I have several more to catch up on, so must be patient.

Hee hee I'm typing this on my I-pad, not brilliant and have just had to amend the predictive text, it changed Catriona to Cartoons!!!!!!

Catriona's family, publisher and supporters are really lovely people, such a lovely event and with a new Dandy book in my collection I am still on Cloud 9.

If you haven't bought the book yet please do, you won't be disappointed. My copy most definitely won't be found on eBay.

Thank you to all who made us welcome, especially Catriona herself.

Maureen Neathway

Please excuse some of the typos in my post above, it's predictive text and typing it on an ipad!!!!!,

Ann E Mason

Darling Catriona, I use your books to improve my Gaelic, just so you know. So far it's not working all that well, so please expedite the US publication.

I have a signed copy of A REEK OF RED HERRINGS, and I would never ever sell it. Wait, if I can get a good price, say five figures, maybe I'll sell it and split the profits with you. But only if you'll sign another one for me.

As for the nasties on Amazon, you know better than to look there. It has to be horrible to have someone do that, who obviously has nothing better to do and certainly couldn't write a laundry list, much less a book. So fie on them.

See you in Toronto in a couple of months, all presuming I am back on my feet after a particularly nasty surgery in a week. xox

Laura DiSilverio

I use your books to improve my writing! :-) So happy to have another Dandy adventure to anticipate.


Congrats! So glad the rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits.

catriona mcpherson

Ann - I don't read Amzon reviews of my books; they're for readers and I'm not a reader.
And Maureen - that's me: Cartoon Improper Capitalisation.

Ruth Nixon

Next year at the Avid Reader?

Hank Phillippi Ryan

You are fabulous! And I remember my first Dandy Gilver--I was SO blown away, and have been hooked ever since. You are so wonderful--congratulations!

(TWENTY books??) . xoxo

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