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August 02, 2017


Marcia Talley

I glad no horses were injured in the production of this novel! ;-)

Hank Phillippi

Yes horses are so magical-- it's so fascinating to try to understand what they are thinking!

Alan P.

I thought it was a real thing. Elaine puts in the hours on research. But I never knew that was how to shake hands with a horse.


Storyteller Mary

So good that I was in book withdrawal when I finished reading it. Breaking my reading streak with some real world stuff to be fair to whoever's book I read next. <3

Elaine Viets

Never, Marcia. Our novels are SPCA approved.

Elaine Viets

You are so right, Hank. They are not only magical, they have the power to cure with their sympathy and understanding.

Elaine Viets

Thank you, Alan. You've now seen photographic proof.

Elaine Viets

Thank you, Mary. That's a high compliment from another storyteller. So glad you enjoyed FIRE AND ASHES.

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