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August 28, 2017


Sherry Harris

Thank you for including me in this,Donna. Bob and I were happy to help. One woman bought a pattern. I was amazed how many people reacted to them and shared memories of their mothers sewing. We had some interesting experiences that will show up in a book!

Barb Goffman

When you are too tired to look something up, you must be exhausted. Yard sale? Garage sale? Tag sale? What you call it typically depends where you live. In the US, the term garage sale is most prevalent, though on most of the East Coast, yard sale is preferred. I use both interchangeably. See this link for interesting regional differences on words like soda and pop. A map addressing yard or garage sales is at the bottom of the page: https://laughingsquid.com/soda-pop-or-coke-maps-of-regional-dialect-variation-in-the-united-states/

Kathy Lynn Emerson

We say yard sale and garage sale in Maine but also barn sale. I don't think I've heard tag sale locally.


Congrats on a successful sale.

And sometimes you just need to let your body rest. That's fine.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

HURRAY! (I say yard sale.)

And Mark, you are right. Resting is fine.

(And! We hired two guys to cart stuff out of our basement into a dumpster. It was more and more empowering as the day went by. I LOVED getting rid of everything! Jonathan's heavy heavy suitcases from the 1960s, tests with holes, old pieces of ratty wood. Gone gone gone. And the absolute joy of donating! Love.)

Hurray, Donna! xoxooo

Shari Randall

Hallelujah indeed! I hope when you're feeling more rested you'll be able to savor all that empty space. I'll be having a tag sale/yard sale (New Englander here) soon and can't wait to conquer that peak (wish Sherry and Bob lived closer!)

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