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August 02, 2017


Charlaine Harris

I think ensembles keep viewer interest because there is almost always someone the viewer or reader can identify with. We may not all be Sherlock Holmes, but there's a bit of Dr. Watson in all of us, or Mycroft, or even Professor Moriarty.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Sure! Mary Tyler Moore... and Friends. And Game of Thrones! It's about what decisions they make--and I agree, readers love to be part of their world!

Marcia Talley

Seinfeld -- although it was "about nothing." LOL. And there are any number of series, particularly emanating from the UK, that hooked me over the years. "Danger, UXB," "All Creatures Great and Small," and the absolutely perfect "Foyles War."

Dean James

Excellent points all. The Mary Tyler Moore Show is another example of a wonderful ensemble. So is my current favorite, The Big Bang Theory.

Elaine Viets

Count me as another fan of "Foyles War," where the ensemble are equally as good as Michael Kitchen. And let's not forget the amazing ensemble cast of the show inspired by Femmes Emeritus Charlaine Harris, "True Blood."

Kristin Lundgren

I think most of the shows I watch, in all genres, are ensemble shows. And many of the books I love as well. Thrillers by Cussler, Rollins, Preston & Child. Romance series, like Patricia Veryan's series that ended with the villian being redeemed in the last book, and many others. In series books a solid ensemble that is each unique, with their own voice, is necessary to carry the interest through.
P.S. And I think it should say the women and men in the blog's header.


The first show that popped into my mind when talking about ensemble was Newhart - the 80's show. While Bob Newhart may be the name, the rest of the cast got a lot more laughs most weeks.

My favorite TV show of all time is Babylon 5, and it is definitely an ensemble sci fi drama. I don't know that I can name a favorite character because I love them all so much. Yes, even Londo, who really, really messes everything up.

And you are 100% correct about the importance of ensemble in cozy mysteries. I often feel disappointed if we don't get enough time with the supporting players, which I'm sure it tough for the author coming up with sub-plots for all of them that don't slow down the mystery.

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