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September 27, 2017


hank Phillippi Ryan

How can you not write "Gideon's Story," Dean? Wow. That is deeply fascinating...

Dean James

I know, Hank, it's so intriguing!


I often wonder what it says about me that I don't have that interest in family history. I love my family dearly, don't misunderstand. And I love history. But how my family plays into history? I don't particularly care about that. I often feel like the only one since everyone else seems to love researching it.

Dean James

Mark, I don't know that any of my ancestors made any particular mark in history. I am just curious about how I came to be, and that includes the people who went before me.

Elaine Viets

You have to write Gideon's story, James. It's so sad and fascinating.

Kathy Lynn Emerson

Dean, I love solving family mysteries too. I've been hooked on genealogy since I was a kid. But it does eat up writing time, and I have a couple of those oh too common names in my tree too. Many many Donald Mac Dougalls and if I try to search for William Coburg, most of what pops up relates to Kaiser Wilhelm!

Marcia Talley

Dean, I agree about the careless errors you find in the trees of others! I'm super cautious when the only "proof" is from another person's family tree! I found one relative on my husband's side who died in 1835, and yet he somehow appears on the Civil War pension rolls. Uh, no!

cj petterson

cj Sez: My son has been tracing both sides of his family tree and has come to the conclusion that unless there is a document or other proof attached to a name, it's questionable. He also has to keep on top of the info on his own tree because someone is constantly changing it. He once found that my sister was married to a different person (not) based on someone's faulty searching.Thanks for the post and best wishes for great sales of your novels

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