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September 13, 2017


Art Taylor

Nice post here, Dean. Being from NC, we've had some damaging hurricanes too, and there was one that literally served to change my life (longer story). Compassion indeed, and thanks for the stories here and the perspectives.

Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

My kids, who were New Orleans college students in 2005, endured evacuation from Houston for a long week during Harvey, not knowing the condition of their home, cars, or workplaces. Thankfully, everything worked out for them, and as they did in New Orleans, they will help rebuild Houston.

I've weathered hurricanes in New Jersey and on Cape Cod, but the most terrifying one was Ivan, as it wreaked havoc on Atlanta in 2004.

Dean James

Margaret, glad to hear your kids are okay, and bless them for helping rebuild Houston.

Art, sounds like an interesting story. One of these days I'd like to hear it.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

So scary-- and yes, it does make you feel very small and helpless.


One of my most memorable hurricanes was Hurricane Donna, in 1960. It was so fierce they retired the name . . . and all my classmates called me Hurricane for months.

Dean, now that they also name hurricanes after men, you, too, could aspire to be a retired hurricane!

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