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September 28, 2017


Dean (Miranda) James

Mercy, Marcia! My finally appears to have been quite dull compared to yours! Amazing what you can turn up, isn't it? Just curious though about this William III, your common ancestor with Kate. Because according to one public tree I've found, I'm descended from one of Henry I's bastard sons... I'm highly suspicious, since I can't find said bastard mentioned anywhere so far. But if it's true, I guess you, Kate, and I are cousins somewhere back...

Kathy Lynn Emerson

Hi, Marcia. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that some of your ancestors may have kicked one of mine (the notorious Samuell Gorton) out of both Massachusetts Bay and Plimoth Plantations? I dearly wishhistorical mysteries set in the Colonial period were more popular. There was certainly plenty of skullduggery going on back then.

Dean James

Well, that was supposed to be my "family," not my "finally." Brain blip for sure...

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Hilda! Sounds perfect.
Every time I see that commercial, I think about doing this…

Marcia Talley

Well, well, well Kathy Lynn Emerson. We must be cousins, then, because Samuel Gorton is my 9th great grandfather!!!

Marcia Talley

Be afraid, Hank. Ancestry.com is like an addiction!

Linda Sprenkle

I fear to follow your lead and get involved in such digging into the past. I expect the result would not be so exciting, but rather dull and short!
However, I am not surprised at the buried surprises in your background! Mystery writers may be born, not made. And why does Barry's family shoot cars?

Aubrey Hamilton

I recently resurrected the research I did years ago pre-Internet when genealogy meant hours of staring at faded microfilm. Cousins that are the children of my mother's younger siblings know nothing of the family. I have found loading the information to Ancestry is a good way of making it accessible to everyone, regardless of location. I also am a Mayflower descendant. General William Bradford, second governor of Plymouth Colony, is a many-great grandfather.

Cath Hoffner

I'm right there with you about losing time on Ancestry. I took the AncestryDNA kit which gave me matches to my paternal side of my family. I finally found my biological dad. My daughter Kristyn is a member of the Mayflower Society, as she has two people that were on the Mayflower, from my husband's side of the family. The family stories are what amaze me!

Marcia Talley

Cath, I remember our chats oh so many years ago about your efforts to locate your biological father! I'm so glad your efforts were successful.

Elaine Viets

Fascinating, Marcia. Your ancestors are worthy of several novels -- including a historical mystery. Thanks for an entertaining blog.

D Marie

We knew most of ours pre-internet, but boy would my Granpa have loved being able to share it so easily. We can make certain it is shared, but he will never know. Our odd one is that he was searching to fill a gap - where had Thomas Plummer been right after leaving England? In the meantime my parents are moving from place to place with the Air Force and when Dad retired moved to a small town we had absolutely no connection to - not even an Air Force base - because the town needed a special ed teacher and Mom likes small towns. Granpa then finally found where Thomas Plummer had been - just 2 miles down the road from this town we had thought we weren't connected to.

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