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September 01, 2017


Elaine Viets

What a gorgeous trip, Kris. Thanks for sharing it with us. Your photos are amazing. I took one balloon trip in St. Louis, and though I hate flying in airplanes (who doesn't?) a balloon ride was a whole different experience. We flew over the city, and I could hear dogs barking and talk to the people on the ground. I also found out there were no steps into the balloon basket -- in fact, I fell in head first.


I have always wanted to take one of those balloon trips! It sounds fabulous! But I'm somewhat acrophobic . . . should I even try?

Toni LP Kelner

I've been on two ballon rides.

One was a surprise on. My father and I were at a balloon festival in Statesville, NC, and one of the participants landed a bit short of the desired field. Nearly on top of us! So we helped him get situated , and in return, he let me hop on board for a short ride to the field.

After that, we had to do a full ride. So on Halloween of one year, Daddy and I were up in the sky. Amazing!

Fun fact 1: Balloon baskets have tiny little glove boxes. Okay, maybe it's just a storage box, but it looked like a glove box from a car.

Fun fact 2: The balloon pilot for ours had a tape player, and the tape inside it was the soundtrack to TOP GUN. Amused the heck out of us!


Wow. What fun! Wish I had taken a balloon ride when we lived in Sedona. I would see them on my morning runs. Beautiful.


Elaine, your flight sounds great, too. If Joe hadn't caught me getting out, my face would have hit the dirt. With all the stuff they cart around, they can't include a little set of stairs?


Donna, as great as balloon flights are, they might not be for you. They do float up ever-so gently, but then when you look down, it's clear the balloon is a long way up from the ground. If heights are a problem for you, you might want to pass on this experience.


Toni, your flights sound great, too. How terrific to get a short, unexpected one! I missed the little glove box; too busy studying the gas canisters, I guess.


Greg, it is a not-to-be-missed experience, but I'm sure you'll have other chances. You see them in lots of places. Your turn will come.

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