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October 06, 2017


Susan Neace

My kids were lucky. Although I lack the shopping gene, not to mention the make up and style genes, they have aunts and older cousins who would take them to the mall for Black Friday. I also read rather than watch TV. On the other hand, given my age and weight, they will never have to wince at the sight of me in leggings. My jeans are cargo pants with big pockets so no purse either

catriona mcpherson

Great blog! I think I'm the worst combination: I am hi-maintenance but I somehow don't look it. Sigh.

Ellie Enos

Fries are important. My brother only eats the crispest fries in the order. His 7 year old grandson not only takes after him, but also tries to trick his mom into eating the "soggy" fries.

If you want to eat the very best fries, try a Basque restaurant. Their fries are so thin that they come out consistently crisp and delicious.


Susan, you sound like my kind of woman! I don't go to the mall on Black Fridays, either. Actually, I don't go to malls at all. Love the cargo pants/no purse idea!


Catroina, you've always struck me as a woman who carves her own path. And that's a compliment. Whatever you are, it works.


Ellie, love the story about your brother and his grandson! I will look for a Basque restaurant. I know we don't have any where I live, but I'll look for them when I travel. Any place that does fries right has to be great!

Elaine Viets

Fun blog, Kris. My husband is one of those people in search of the perfect burger. He often rejects expensive ones as "no soul" and prefer cheeseburgers in dives. I'm particular about my tea and carry Dragonwell Green in my purse. Love old jeans around the house, but like you, I dress tailored for talks.


I love cheeseburgers in dives, too, Elaine! They tend to cook them the way people want, rather than assuming everyone likes them the same.

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