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October 30, 2017


Ramona DeFelice Long

I want to read (or re-read) everything you mention in this post. Sorry about the migraine, and bed, but this was a delight to read.


I used to suffer from debilitating head aches some called them migraines others thought the he might be caused by seizures but no doctor could or would say for sure. I had (auras) or blind spots and in the end they gave me seizure medication that stopped the head aches I took the medication for years with no pain. My Doctor suggested I try weaning myself off the meds and the blind spots came back took the meds 2 more years and tried again. I did not take the meds for another 15 years and was put back on the meds for a different reason. I still take them. But in the years I was not taking the meds I was diagnosed with MS And my neurologist now thinks the headaches were a precursor or early symptom of the MS. As I said I still take the medication for something else. Two somethings actually.

Cath Hoffner

My migraines come without an aura. Just as common. Love reading Dr. Sacks! Glad you’re feeling better.

Sue King

This is very interesting and I'm definitely going to read both of those books. The reason is purely personal and dates back to a car accident I had while in college. I was the pedestrian and sustained significant damage to the left hemisphere of my brain. It took me 5 months to recover function (I was incredibly lucky/blessed however you want to describe it - I, 37 years later - remain profoundly grateful). During that time I had several vivid, startling visual hallucinations - including a suspension of reality - where the building I was looking at suddenly became as if it were a theater backdrop. It. Was. Not. Real. It struck me as highly funny at the time; and while I remember this incident, and the others, very well indeed, I can't fully express in words how it looked any different. I'm a visual artist, sculptor, and neither could I draw it for you. But I remember the intensity of my conviction and yes, it looked fake to me, no question. Fasinating stuff - and I'm looking forward to reading these - thank you!

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