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October 13, 2017


Marla H

I know how busy you are!! :) My fall projects is getting my daughter to do her college and scholarship applications ON TIME. Plus, ya know, working at my daytime situation, hockey games, and trying to find some ME time as well!

Barbara Coe

This week I am working on a murder mystery for 30 ladies coming up on the 21st of this month.

Victoria Hrabe

My fall is busy with work! This is my busy time with booths and shows with my Pampered Chef business. With all the new products and specials, plus holiday shopping it keeps me on my toes! I love it though, its fun and I meet some awesome people.

Alina Marcilla

It seems like you need more than 24 hour to do all the things you shared. I am lucky enough to spend my days helping with my 2 year old grandson and assisting where I can with her new business.

Dianna Vosburgh

I love your books, and so can get caught up in them, (can we go and visit, can I go to that scrapbook store and take a class,) but then again that is why I read so much. Authors should take you away from everyday crap and let you go to a far away place., Which you do., You have also started your coloring contest. I gives me something to look forward to every week and I am so happy for that. I have arthritis in my back and now scatica in my right leg and some days the pain is great but looking forward to something is great. I thank you and other authors who work very hard to bring us a lot of pleasure

Cindy  Beachy

Watching 8year old granddaughter & 5year old grandson after school. Crocheting 1 blanket for each of them,fall cleaning inside & out, & trying to get some very good mystery read.

Missy Starliper

Gotta say, I absolutely love all your new covers. Thanks for the time spent, the are great.

Colleen F

Even though I am busy with graduation party prep (as much as I can get done early) I also want to do some fall and Christmas crafts and I have scrapbooks for the youngest that need to be completed before her party in May.

Linda Kleback

My current projects include working on family history and planning Christmas gifts!


Hi Joanna, you are a busy woman. I'm currently working on my bedroom. Painting, new furniture, bookcases and bedding. Wish me luck...Thank you

Elaine Viets

Wow, just reading what you're doing made me tired. Congratulations on all your new projects.


I appreciate your hard work. People who don't walk in your shoes don't know how busy you are. I'm an administrative assistant and I hear "it must be nice to sit around all day and talk on the phone."

Sally Price

Since today is my 85th birthday I’m doing nothing constructive! Other days I’m working on my front door Halloween decor. I want it really spooky.. just finished Kiki #8 and was amazed at the twists and turns. Just keep on keeping on. It makes you forever young!


I am gathering materials for making this year's Christmas cards. Just finished Halloween cards for the grands. My "project" is to climb into bed at a decent hour and curl up with another Kiki book.

Sharon Oberritter

I can imagine how hard it is to conceive an entire book and how much time it takes. I can barely start a blog for my travel site. Writing for my college English courses had me so stressed that I waited until the last minute to write anything....Please keep producing your magnificent books. The characters are like family to me and I miss them when they are not available.

Wendy Green

In my experience, Friday the 13th is a breeze. It's Thursday the 12th you have to watch out for! Thanks for all the fun reads, Joanna!


Woohoo. We're all having a blast, living our lives. And Sally Price, Happy Birthday! And Barbara Coe, would you like bookmarks for your murder mystery?

Have I told all my online friends how much joy you bring me? You sure do!


My projects are working full time and going back to school. i will make time to read the new Kiki Lowenstein book and the Happy Homicides books.

Jana Leah

I really don't have any projects going other than trying to read as much as possible. I love looking at dollhouses. The detail people put into the pieces is amazing. That rug is incredible.


First, I have to say how marvelous that rug is...I have a hard time making one French knot when they come up in a cross-stitch or embroidery project. I can't imagine making thousands! That's so beautiful!
Projects...I'm working on my 5th poetry book, trying to turn it into something ready to present to publishers...and I'm working on some fiction. That's a genre I'm not as confident with, but with Nanowrimo coming up, why not? :)


I agree that rug is so amazing!
I have a few projects going at work to improve productivity (yawn.) I am planning a Sweet 16 that was originally supposed to be a simple dinner at a restaurant and has morphed into something other.
But my most exciting project is planning a family vacation to Hawaii...cross that off the bucket list!

Joanna Slan

Regarding the rug. Some of you will remember when I had my foot surgery last year. I was non-weight bearing for six weeks, and going nuts! I had a French knot rug kit, but I hadn't tackled it. So...dragged it out. Watched five YouTube videos until I understood how to make them, and voila! The trick is that you cannot go back inside the same hole you made when you began or the knot will disappear. Other than that, it quickly becomes muscle memory.

Joanna Slan

Okay, I took the number of comments we had, subtracted mine, and then used the random number generator to get a winner...drumroll...

LIZA, who is working on school projects. Liza, if you'll email me at jcslan@joannaslan.com, I'll get you a copy of Fall Into Crime. (Please do this by Monday the 16th.)


I write and blog...I also review which is time consuming. Unfortunately for me I am on some Committees I committed to a long time ago and that takes time. But it is for a worthwhile cause...I don't ever go to bed and feel that I got enough done...is that typical? lol..

Linda Derasmo

It seems that everything happens in the fall. Thinking about the holidays coming and now we sold our house and we're trying to get everything packed up. Being an author with so much to do I can't imagine how you can handle the holidays. Good Luck to everyone.

Jenny Osborn

Joanna, love, LOVE, L O V E, your books, your give sways , blogs....everything! I have read all you Kiki and Cara books and can't wait for the new one. In addition adore the Happy Homicides books.

Your rug is amazing and beautiful. I'm taking Quilting lessons and working on my first quilt. It is something I have always wanted to do but could not find the time. Now that I have retired I am doing all the things I wanted to do. Quilting, scrap booking, jewelry making to name a few plus enjoying Florida as we retired here from Maryland. Thank you for all the joy you bring to us.

hank Phillippi Ryan

Joanna! You had me at "what do you do all day?" xoxoxo . Love you madly.

Cath Hoffner

I've learned Zentangling since I first met you at a B'con where you demonstrated it and we had a hands on session with you! I also quilt and make fabric folding ornaments lately. I've done various needlecrafts but these are the three major ones I've been doing. I remember your initial covers being Zentangled by you beautifully!

Joanna Slan

Aw, Cath, I'm so very happy that Zentangle is a part of your life! Sounds like you are busy, too.

Joanna Slan

Gosh, so many nice comments, and so many busy productive people. There aren't enough hours in the day, are there? As for the compliments about my books, I am so, so thrilled that that make y'all happy. That's what I've hoped to do...and it's my way of giving back.

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