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November 20, 2017


Kathy Lynn Emerson

So glad you didn't lose any data. I'm obsessive about backing up, although I don't trust the cloud. Heck, I don't really trust computers, so I not only back up on three thumb drives (two in a fireproof lockbox and one in the desk drawer) every time I stop for the day, I also have thumb drive in the car that I update at least once a week, and the husband backs up everything on our his and hers desktops once a month, AND I make a fresh printout of every day's work. In a complete loss of all data, I figure I could always scan that in, or even retype it. What can I say? I wrote the first few books back in the dark ages on a manual typewriter with carbon paper and white out (lots of white out!). Nothing like being a paranoid dinosaur!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

This is SO wise! Wow, Donna, what an ordeal.

And yes, I have a guy. My hero. And, like you Kathy, I am totally paranoid.

Crossing fingers every day. xoxoo

Anne Louise Bannon

In my household, I am the one to call when something doesn't work. Sigh. But, yes, I do have automatic backups, and since I'm paying for a Microsoft Office subscription, I went ahead and put all my files in the OneDrive account the subscriptions buys me. I even have a hard drive of data at my kid's house. Or as my husband, the archivist says, LOCKS - Lots Of Copies Kept Separately. Feel your pain, glad it worked out.

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