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November 15, 2017


Karen in Ohio

Great questions, Elaine!

I've started an autobiography, just for my own children, and I'll have to make sure I've answered as much of this as I can.

Elaine Viets

I'm glad you're doing this, Karen. I wish my grandparents had. I wish I'd had the sense to ask them those questions.

Alan P.

I started writing a journal when Princess One was born. It seems to be lost in the basement for now. I lot of things have happened in her young life.

It is easier now. Everyone has a camera all the time. The girl's life, is very recorded.

Alan P.

My mother has been working on our family tree for years. It is amazing that the software and data have survived from DOS to Windows 7. Many of the papers I have now.

I have the conflicting accounts of my great, great grandfather's military record. I am pretty sure my great, grandfather Albert never served in combat during the Spanish American War but did have a good time while training in Florida.

Also included are the stories that were only whispered. Like uncles who "never married".

hank Phillippi Ryan

This is SO brilliant. I am in tears with what a good idea this is. Thank you! xox

Storyteller Mary

My father wrote down the bedtime stories he had told us, and then suggested I practiced my typing by transcribing them. He added some author's biography notes later. I gathered most of them into three little chapbooks and gave copies to relatives and friends. I also posted a few in my blog. I'm glad to have them.
Donald Davis has a helpful little book TELLING YOUR OWN STORIES with suggestions of topics.
Our library had a six-session class on writing personal history. It's a good way to organize thoughts so they aren't lost.

Elaine Viets

Your girls are recorded, Alan. In fact her generation is recorded more than any other in history. But what needs to be recorded is your feelings. I hope you'll go back to some kind of journaling. You're a good writer.

Elaine Viets

Oh, yeah, "permanent bachelor." We have some of those in our family, too.

Elaine Viets

Thank you,Hank. I hope you'll record your remarkable story.

Elaine Viets

Thank you, Mary. What a lovely gift from your father. I'm glad you were able to preserve them.

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