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November 14, 2017


Kathy Lynn Emerson

What a beautiful, and heartbreaking, story. I'm so glad he survived the ordeal and that you have such good memories of him.


What a wonderful tribute. Those men are definitely heroes, and I can understand why he'd want to forget those years.

Thanks so much for sharing this story.

Ann Mason.

Catriona, you do often make us laugh. But not today. I am weeping.

Vida Antolin-Jenkins

How extraordinary. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

Keenan Powell

Wow, Catriona. Thanks for sharing your granddad's story.

Ellie Enos

Thank you for sharing this story when we've all been remembering the veterans in our lives. Too many civilians don't realize that serving in a war situation can't be turned off like a faucet. The experience is still with you. In my father's case, his recurring bouts of malaria reminded him of the horror of WWII fighting as a young Marine in the Pacific.

My own husband died forty plus years after exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam. It took over six years after he was disabled and had endured a tortuous, lingering fight for life before he succumbed.

Your grandfather ultimately triumphed, by living a life and continuing to serve. I salute him and thank him for his service.

Ruth Nixon

A part of the war I've never knew and so hard to read. January 1945 was very hard on my family, we lost my Uncle, a cousin and then my dad in 2 weeks. Always knew the story of my dad ship sinking, my cousins death we knew all the details but not my uncle. My son just found his story and it broke my heart to read they turned over the body and it was John Bush. 50 men fighting the 300 Germans dressed in white snow suits while our men were dressed in white long underwear and tea towels . 13 lived and the German Officer said they all were heroes

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, Catriona, thank you. This is so important.

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