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November 21, 2017



I have all my songs playing on iTunes right now, which means my Christmas music is getting mixed in with the rest of my music, and I'm loving it. I've already listened to one of my new Christmas CD's enough to write a review (to be posted next week). My Christmas trees are up but undecorated. My outside lights are up and turned on. I'm actually quite disappointed my inside lights didn't get put up over the weekend.

I always tell myself its because I am out of town for Thanksgiving and so don't have as much time to put things up and enjoy them before I leave for Christmas. And that is partially true. But it is also because I love the holiday.

And things stay up until New Years Day at least. At that point, I start to feel guilty about not taking things down. Note, I didn't say I take them down, I just feel guilty because I'm not taking them down yet.

Susan Neace

When I was small we always had a live tree and put it up the week before Christmas. That still seems like when the tree should go up but my grown kids think it should go up sooner and they lean toward artificial trees. It comes down New Year's Day. My husband is already listening to Christmas music on the radio and by Thanksgiving I hate all 20 of them. Except for John Berry's acapella rendition of Oh Holy Night which sends chills down my spine

Cathy M

The date I put up our live tree is determined by the dates the trees arrive in south Florida. I try to give us about three weeks of tree time in our house and take the tree down around January 1, but that's not written in stone. A lot depends on how fresh the tree stays over the holiday.

I'm in the camp that says each holiday should have its own space and that Hallowgivingmas is not a valid holiday.

catriona mcpherson

I'm with you, Alexia. Christmas starts in December and the decs stay up until the morning of the 6th. Why does Thanksgiving get shortchanged???

Ann Mason.

No Christmas music or decor until Thanksgiving night. It’s a rule.

Sal Towse

We usually get our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving or somewhere close thereto.

We get it at the Delancey Street lot at P30-32 because they're good people and a worthy charity. After the tree is tied to the top of the MINI, we verrry carefully drive it the mile or so uphill home.

We stop as close as we can and carry it down 40+steps, then down a path, then up 20 steps to our door. His nibs doesn't remind me again that he'd suggested a smaller, less heavy tree at the Delancey lot (as he always does), but I can read his mind after all these years and I KNOW he's biting his tongue.

His nibs' bday is mid-December and the tree =has= to be up by then.

It stays up until Epiphany, although I don't sweat it if it doesn't come down immediately thereafter.


Hallowgivingmas may not be a valid holiday but it's fun to say. So is Merry Chrismahanakwanzaka


I bought my first Christmas tree when I walked by a tree lot in L.A. It might have lasted past Thanksgiving until Christmas if I’d realized it needed water. I never realized that red bowl my mother set it in was more than a stand!

Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

Thanksgiving is for family and a local turkey trot, and Advent is for Christmas preparations. The tree stays up in all its needle-dumping glory until Epiphany.

When I sang in a church choir, we started practicing Christmas music before Halloween. But we did the same for Easter.

Hank PhilLippi ryan

I always feel like the holidays start when I get to have the Amaryllis! And they often bloom spectacularly, right around New Year’s Day. I told myself we are celebrating winter, and so as long as anything lasts, we keep it.
I have a pile of persimmons and pomegranates and cranberries for tomorrow, and I will figure out how to use them for decoration. When things are fresh, they make their own decisions, right? Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

LJ Roberts

If I decorate, which doesn't always happen as I am on my own, decorations go up on December 6th (the feast of St. Nicholas) and come down on Epiphany.


I favor no Christmas carols until AFTER my birthday.

But since my birthday is December 13, I realize it's a lost cause.

Jane Hotchkiss

I ave some Christmas ornaments up all year round, but that's just a combination of laziness and lack of storage space - I live in a high-rise; we May Not Have live trees, after an electrical fire (not tree, a coffee pot) in which someone died & a neighbor was badly burned. Later this week I'll get out the ornaments, which are hung on strings in the windows. I prefer to have only Advent carols before December 25, but the proper Christmas carols stay on until February 2 - there are plenty of them! But the wreath comes off the door January 6.

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