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November 29, 2017


Marcia Talley

Fish and chips by the seaside is my idea of a perfect day, Frances!!


Welcome, Frances. Death at the Seaside is on my Christmas reading pile!


Lovely to see you here, Frances. Kate certainly does end up in some quirky, but wonderful, places. I love her spirit!


I can't think of anything more fun than riding in an old London cab with friends, through the moor, spending the day in a wonderful historical town. Ahhhhh ... the stuff of dreams. :) Looking forward to this book.

Grace Topping

I've read it and it is a fabulous addition to your series. Good hearing from you, Frances.

Ann Victoria Roberts

Thoroughly enjoyed 'Death at the Seaside' - apart from the characters & plot, the setting brought back fond memories of my time living there when my husband was Harbourmaster in the 1990s. Whitby also inspired my novel about Bram Stoker, 'Moon Rising' - so yes, many happy memories!

Triss Stein

Good morning, Frances. Lovely to see you here and I enjoyed this brief trip to a place I'd like to visit in real life, too. Plus a new title to add to my list!


I enjoyed this book - and all of Frances's books. I also enjoyed my visit to Whitby several years ago. The view of the harbor from the cliff above Whitby is exactly as it is described in DRACULA!


I have this book on my To be read list. I really like her work.

Frances Brody

It’s great to come home to such lovely comments after spending time with my Moerderische Schwestern in Germany. Whitby is such a special place and I’m glad to have given you a glimpse. If you ever visit, I’ll meet you for fish and chips. Yes, Carol, Bram Stoker did capture the view perfectly. Ann, I never knew your husband was Harbourmaster! Moon Rising is on my list.

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