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November 27, 2017


Karen in Ohio

Oh, shoot, don't ask me. I'm the worst.

Good luck, Catriona. I have every faith in you.


I'll tell you my secrets to stop procrastinating as soon as I get off this blog and get into work. :)

So maybe tomorrow.

Ann E Mason

Oh my darlings, you procrastinate almost as good as you write. I am fortunate in being happily retired with a great partner, a new kitchen and a cleaning lady. The thing I have trouble getting through each day are the nasty bad temper making physical therapy exercises. It's much more fun to fall down internet rabbit holes or play on Facebook. Therefore I limit my early morning computer time to sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen island. It isn't very comfortable. So after half an hour and a bowl of oatmeal, I am up and out of there, walking the dogs plus whatever other little household chores demand. I'm not allowed to sit in my recliner until the afternoon. Thank god I don't have to write books. I have you doing that for me. xox Off to read!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Right, Karen! Her books always seem to work. Now we know what happens along the way!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Mark, SO funny. You are such a troublemaker!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Ann, you are too adorable. But seriously, making rules for ourselves (and following them) is the only way it can work.


Oh, Ann! Thank you. And I love your way of cutting down social media by sitting on an uncomfy stool. Karen thank you for your faith!

Keenan Powell

I clean. I hate cleaning. So I k6st be really desparate to avoid work if I am cleaning.

Deb Romano

Yeah, avoiding procrastination. I don't do it. I probably have the equivalent of a Master's degree in Procrastination. And I blame authors. I'm not sure how many times I've told myself things like "okay, Deb, read one more chapter, and then vacuum." " Keep on reading up until page 100, and then clean the bathroom." "Only two more chapters left? Read them, and then reorganize the pantry." And then I just keep on reading! Thanks. (I think.)


hank Phillippi Ryan

Well, DebRo, for readers? We LOVE that. Thank you! And your pantry is just fine.

hank Phillippi Ryan

Keenan--Cleaning! Isn't it amazing? I am getting all the smudges from my kitchen cabinets. Very very very much an imperative. xoxo

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