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December 04, 2017



In CA, we have the one day/one jury thing as well, but it only gets you off for one year. Fortunately, they don't call us that often, but still, you are eligible again that quickly.

The only time I wound up on a jury (14 years ago), I tried to get out of it by reading Taffy Cannon's OPEN SEASON ON LAWYERS. Didn't work for me.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Interesting to think about. And yes, you'll have another chance. As the wife of a defense attorney, I can tell you he crosses his fingers every day that he'll get smart people on the jury.

But here's what you should know! Neither side wants someone who is unhappy to be there.

greg herren

I've served, and enjoyed it. The only part I hate is the sitting around waiting, but a book takes care of that problem!


I worked as a Bailiff for over 15 years I my state that would be the deputy position in your story, it was an interesting job.

Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

I was assigned to a jury panel in Atlanta and herded down to the courtroom. The defense attorney walked up and down the line, making eye contact with each of us. And then advised his client to take a plea deal. The female judge was very sympathetic. She explained that it was a child rape-incest case and was relieved not to subject us to the trial.

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