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December 01, 2017


Susan Neace

When I was a child in the late 50s my father was the head mechanic for the city of Newport Ky. If it snowed he had to go to work and it was anxiety producing for us kids on Christmas because he had to be home when we opened presents. As a adult I have a serious phobia about driving in snow and if snow was predicted On a work day I would hope it was a large enough fall that no one would drive on it. Maybe now that I have retired I will learn to appreciate its esthetic qualities


I am not a fan of snow, so I'm fine with the once in a decade snows we get in So Cal.

Keenan Powell

Living in Alaska, I have a love/hate thing going with snow. It's not heat, so I love it. It piles up in my driveway so I get extra cookies for shoveling it. But there was that St. Patrick's Day when we got three feet and I was snowed in with an adolescent female human banshee. You don't know what hell is.

Deb Romano

I hate snow! I hate having to drive in it, having to walk in it, having to shovel it(I'm not really supposed to do that but I have no choice), having to clear it off my car. Being stuck at home because of the snow makes me feel like I'm in prison. I always dread the coming of winter.

Kate Adams

A snow haiku:

shovel snow shovel
snow more snow shovel shovel
snow shovel... enough!


Susan, I can certainly understand your fear of driving in snow. Those little moments when the car slips and you don't know when the wheels will get traction again put my heart in free-fall, too! Love the story about your dad needing to finish plowing in time for you to open gifts!


Mark, I always thought the best part of living in Southern California is that you can find snow in the mountains if you want it, but don't have to live with it if you don't.


Keenan, I imagine that living in Alaska, you have to have a love-hate relationship with snow. I admit I've chosen to live in a place where it doesn't keep coming, just falls now and then.


Deb, without living in a place where it keeps coming, I do appreciate that feeling of being in a prison. Sometimes the heat of Arizona summers feels like that.


Oh, Kate, I feel your pain!

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