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December 06, 2017


Marcia Talley

Awwwww! I love cute kitten stories. A shot in the arm during these troubled times!


Adorable! If I weren't allergic, I would volunteer to drive down and take them off yours hands!

Dean James

Yes, they do cheer me up when I laugh at their antics.


I do wish I weren't allergic to cats. I really, truly do.

Dean James

Mark, I wish you weren't, too. They are such entertaining (and often annoying at the same time) companions. :-)

Elaine Viets

They're so cute, Dean. How kind of you and your partner to give them a home. Hope all four of your four-legged family members become fast friends.

Kristin Lundgren

So sweet! Sometimes we just can't resist. Can't wait until its introduction time! I got my Lucy somewhat like that. She was a calico kitten at the Humane Society. My youngest daughter liked to go there and take out the dogs for some outdoor fun. By that time we already had two dogs and two cats. Then on the way out she wants to stop in the cat room, I said okay, but no adoptions today. We looked around, and checked them out. Came to one cage, and we opened the door. That little sweetie launched herself from the cage and onto my shoulder and snuggled in. We came home with a cat. Luckily she got on great with the other two who were mortal enemies.

Joanna Slan

They are beautiful, and they'll bring you so much joy!

Aubrey Hamilton

I have a great weakness for tuxedos. So glad they are safe with you. Looking forward to more photos.

Clea Simon

So cute - and the ringworm has made you introduce them in the best way (slowly, by scent). If anyone is tense, you might try some Feliway diffusers to lower the stress. Congrats and (as an animal lover), thank you!

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