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January 23, 2018


Hank Phillippi Ryan

I love Miss Marple! (Wouldn't she be a fun next-door neighbor? Unless you did something wrong...)


Congratulations, Keenan. And three cheers for another Miss Marple fan! I adore her. Sleeping Murder and The Moving Finger two of my favourite crime novels,

Ellen Byron

Miss Marple was my introduction to mysteries. At 14, I picked one up to read on a train ride into the city, where I was doing a summer theatre program, and by the end of the summer I'd read pretty much everything Agatha Christie wrote. Great post!

Liz Milliron

Congrats, Keenan!

Miss Marple is wonderful - but she's scary, too. I'd be afraid to meet her because she'd figure out within minutes all the bad things I'd done in my entire life!

Karen in Ohio

Busybody is such a loaded word, isn't it? It's usually only applied to women, and most often older ones. It's a sexist term that dismisses tendencies that, in a man, would be considered sharp-eyed, or perceptive, or unusually insightful.

So heck with that.

Congratulations, Keenan. We have never met, but I keep seeing your name on blogs and Facebook posts, and wish you the very best with this book. I look forward to diving into it!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

We all have a little of her in us, right? Intuition, and observation, and putting puzzle pieces together.

Haven't people said to you--HOW did you know that??? And you think--how did you not?

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Keenan--everything okay in the earthquake?

Keenan Powell

Hank, everything OK for us in earthquake. Anchorage is hundreds of miles from Kodiak, the epicenter, and a very long way from the Pacific Ocean. But the dog was upset.

As for Miss Marple, I've noticed in myself that after a certain amount of experience, one notices patterns.

Catriona: Thanks so much!I've been listening to the books narrated by Joan Hickson. She was amazing.

Ellen: Thanks! I had listened to a lecture about Miss Marple, in which the man patronizingly referred to her as a "busybody" that got my Irish up.

Liz: I'd want Miss Marple on my side for sure.

Karen: Absolutely! Hope you enjoy the book.


Miss Marple is one of my heroes. A smart woman making the world safe using her smarts. What's not to love?

Keenan Powell

Alexia: that's what I say! Thanks for stopping in!

Ellie Enos

All my maternal grandmothers were known as "white" witches in their Cornish villages. They did have a reputation for knowing things. I find myself knowing things ahead of others, but my mother had dreams that came true with in the next few days. And my brother would wake up and hear plane accidents, etc. at the time they were occurring and have confirmation in the news the next day

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Ellie! Amazing. And incredibly fascinating.

Keenan Powell

Ellie: how intriguing! They call that "Second Sight" in Ireland and, I think, in Scotland. I wonder if sometimes people with that gift would rather not know?

Ellie Enos

I think that some of my brother's experiences are very emotionally draining. On other occasions, it feels like a gift. One day we were driving on I-80 heading East towards Reno. Ty was driving in the far left (fast lane); he suddenly looked in his rearview mirror and moved into the far right lane and took the exit. Seconds later, we saw a car careening from the Westbound lane, jumping the concrete barrier, and crashing into the Eastbound Highway right where we would have been. It caused a multiple car accident, but we were on the exit road out of harm's way.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Ellie, that sort of thing really gives you pause. There are more things on heaven and earth...

Deb Romano

Congratulations, Keenan! I look forward to getting to know your characters!

I'm a Miss Marple fan. She reminds me somewhat of my maternal grandmother who was a down to earth, sensible person, and quick to note that "there are no new evils, just new people finding new ways to commit the same old sins." My grandmother was a pretty good judge of character, too, and I can easily see her and Miss Marple being friends.


Hank Phillippi Ryan

DebRo! What a truly wonderful thing to picture...xoxo

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